Share Documents with your Smartphone

Effective smartphone presentations

When was the last day where you have not used your smartphone at least once? Most people must think a longer time for answering this question. No matter if you are in a business meeting, at your holiday trip or simply at home – smartphones accompany us through our lives. Among others, smartphones enable us to access information, e.g. via Dropbox, at any time and from any place. Beamium, the most innovative presentation platform to share and present documents, helps you to further improve the usability of your smartphone.

Upload documents through your smartphone

How can documents be uploaded on Simply via your smartphone! Choose the document which you like to upload from your local storage or your Dropbox account and upload them within 10 seconds to Beamium. Alternatively, you can upload your documents in advance from your notebook and present them again at any time from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Invite your audience to access the document

You can easily share your document with your audience by simply sharing the presentation ID with others or by inviting attendees directly via email. Only the people who have the presentation ID or the access link are able to see your documents. No presentations are needed to use the web-based tool Beamium. Independently of the end device, your viewers can easily access your presentation at any time, download it, give you feedback or ask questions.

Share the document or present in real-time

Beamium solves two problems. First, it enables you to share documents in a very simple way from and to any device. This makes it an awesome tool for sharing documents from smartphone to smartphone with colleagues. Moreover, Beamium helps you to present your documents in real-time as well. In this case, the viewers will always be on the same page as you. An optimal tool for real-time sharing of slides, images or documents, independently of the device. The easiness of Beamium makes it a very effective tool for marketers, meetings, professional presenters and many others.

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