7 Secrets of a Cover Letter for the Creative Industry

Getting your dream job starts with a great application

Human resource departments of any great company receive dozens of applications every day, and especially in the creative industry your application needs to stand out like never before. As the cover letter is the first contact you make with the marketing or design agency you want to work at, it is key to get you that job interview invitation you desire. You need to make it as special as possible – and if you make use of the following guidelines for your cover letter you’ll be one step closer to getting your dream job in the marketing or design field!

1) If you want to be in the creative field, chose an eye-catching Design

As superficial as it sounds: The appearance of your cover letter will be the first thing your future employer notices, and therefore is your first opportunity to shine, above all if you're applying to a marketing agency or design studio! You want to surprise the HR department with your application letter, make them look up from the infinite pile of daily application and say “wow” before even reading what you have to say. So bring some excitement into your cover letter, and make sure to pick a creative cover letter template instead of the standard Word pre-sets. You can find plenty of them online, and if you’re willing to invest a bit of cash for a good first impression of your employer, check out the cover letter templates on www.creativemarket.com!

2) Pick the right structure for your cover letter

Before you start writing, think about the correct structure of the cover letter. Complying with the formalities is essential to show your professionalism even in the creative industry, so always include the following elements in your cover letter:

  • Recipient’s mailing address
  • Your own mailing address
  • Date and location
  • Headline
  • Personalized greeting to the hiring manager
  • Personal Opening Paragraph
  • Past experiences relevant for the job description
  • Skills related to the job desired
  • Positive summary paragraph as closing
  • Name and Signature

3) Start off differently

Same as with the design, the first impression needs to catch the attention of the reader: The first sentences of your cover letter must make the hiring manager want to continue reading, and therefore start your cover letter with something beyond the standard introduction and let it reflect your creativity. This can be something particular that fascinates you about the company or the design / marketing industry, news that fascinated you or a personal experience or learning that you relate to the job in the design studio or marketing agency.

Your cover letter is the opportunity to bring your skillset and experience in direct relation to the marketing or design job you’re applying for. Use it as a tool to convince your future employer that you are the perfect fit for the open position. Read the job description carefully and explain why your past experiences are valuable for the company and how you can use your skills for the new job. What makes you creative, and why do you match the particular style of the design studio or marketing agency you're applying to? Don’t be shy, this is your time to shine!

4) Adjust your language to the company style

The style and language of your cover letter depend much upon the job you want: are you applying to a traditional, clear cut, conservative design studio, a crazy marketing agency or even a startup? Think about the way people will communicate inside the company, what type of hierarchy and dress code you expect in the studio, agency or firm and adjust the style of your cover letter accordingly. Be very formal and serious for conservative firms and show your humour, craziness and openness if you are applying to a more laid-back, startup-like company.

5) Include your knowledge about the company and the creative industry

Show that you have done your job and research the company well. Employers love the impression that you know about the background, culture, mission and performance of their design studio or marketing agency, and that you're well informed about the creative industry and its trends. Include a part in your cover letter where you show that you gained that knowledge, and describe which of those values you share, and why you believe you fit the company so well.

6) Finish on a positive note

As with most texts, the first and last sentence of your cover letter matter most: By the end of your cover letter, you want the employer to call you and invite you for the interview, so always finish on a positive note, sum up why you think you could grow through the new job experience and why you would be a great fit for exactly that marketing agency or design studio. It is always a good idea to include a note about the further process, e.g. mention that you are looking forward to their response or that you will get in touch in a certain amount of time. Don’t forget to include your contact details so the human resources department can reach you!

7) Share your cover letter in an innovative way

Congratulations, you’ve written and designed an amazing cover letter – but you want to do more to distinguish yourself from your fellow applicants? Then try out Beamium, and share your application in the most innovative way possible! Simply upload your cover letter (and other application material) on www.beamium.com, enable the download option and submit the link to your future employer. The HR department will appreciate the fast file submission and ability to view your files without previously downloading them, and will be surprised by your technological know-how!

Image Source: ©iStockphoto.com/asiseeit

Author: beamium