Low Bandwidth Screen Sharing via your Web Browser

Browser-based screen sharing for online presentations

20 years ago it was a dream to communicate with someone live over a screen. A feature in futuristic movies and sci-fi novels. Nowadays over 300 million people use Skype, one of the many applications permitting live screen-sharing solutions. The long promised futuristic solution had arrived. Or had it really? Screen-sharing soon went from being an elixir to a constant headache. If you do not have the proper bandwidth or an efficient internet connection, screen-sharing features start failing: from lagging to delayed response, loss of audio and complete disconnection. The hero turned into a villain as we entered a generation where simplicity and performance are preferred over fanciness and complexity. User-friendly tools such as WhatsApp or are the new trends in the market. In the 21st century and its ever growing digital revolution, priority is given to efficiency and effectiveness and screen-sharing giants will start losing presence against innovative solutions such as Beamium. Especially the fact that Beamium works without any installations on every web browser makes it a very powerful tool. Here are 5 reasons why you should use Beamium instead of traditional screen-sharing solutions:

  1. Browser-based, without any installations
  2. Works on every notebooks, tablet and smartphone
  3. Low bandwidth internet is sufficient
  4. No technical problems during the presentation
  5. Immediate sharing of the document with smart analytics

The problem of traditional screen sharing solutions

We all know the situation where we have to present to an important prospect or customer. Before we even start to demonstrate our business, we waste ten minutes of the limited time because the other person is not able to install anykind of service on their browser. Here is the first positive thing about Beamium: there are no installations needed. That' s especially great for business situations because many of your customer clients will work in a business where installations are not allowed without a special permission from the IT department. By using Beamium, you don't need to think about this hurdle. Additionally, traditional screen sharing solutions do not work with low bandwidth internet connections. Beamium, on the other hand, makes it possible to present easily online as soon as there is a little internet connection available.

  • Business useres often cannot install software on their notebooks.
  • The older your solution, the more bandwidth you will need.
  • In many countries and on mobile devices, bandwith is one of the main challenges in webinars.

Keep it simple

The simper, the better. That’s the motto for technologies on this new century. Uncomplicated technologies not only attract more users, including the less tech savvy, but also ensure that fewer things can go wrong. In the case of screen-sharing the current leading technologies usually require high bandwidth usage which complicates the usage in many cases. Screens tend to freeze or the sessions disconnect completely, costing valuable time and frustrating the users. Moreover, the message does not get properly disseminated, which can have significant repercussions in a business environment. On the other hand, tools such as Beamium work efficiently even with very low bandwidth availability. The tool works across platforms, from browser to browser and requires no downloads or installations. In a questions of seconds users can share their documents or presentations live via every web browser without worrying about freezing screens or session time-outs. Further, the platform includes a laser pointer, which the presenter can use to guide his viewers along the documents. Online presentations cannot get easier than this.

How does Beamium work exactly?

  1. Upload your presentation or document on Beamium as a PDF
  2. Share the access URL via email or verbally with your audience
  3. Present easily to the devices of your audience without installations
  4. Immediately share the document and enable your listeners to go through the handout afterwards
  5. Analyze the presentation viewers' behavior and benefit from engagement insights

Large audiences, one focus

On a further note, screen-sharing solutions are usually directed to small groups of participants. The larger the amount of viewers, the slower and faultier the service will be. Furthermore, screen-sharing tools share the whole content of presenter`s screen, which might cause viewers to get diverted from the documents being discussed. With Beamium only the exact documents that are to be discussed can be viewed via the web browser. The simplicity of the tool also enables as many viewers as desired, since the tool will not crash due to heavy bandwidth usage due to many participants. In this manner viewers can focus on what really matters.

Why Beamium?

Ok, there are many reasons why Beamium should be used instead of traditional screen sharing solutions where you face more technical problems than solutions. Besides the advantages of browser based screen sharing at a low bandwidth internet connection, the smart feature set of Beamium helps you to be more effective. After the end of your live pitch, the viewers can immediately go through your slideshow themselves without the need to send an email attachment. Interactive features enable them to still write you feedack or request follow-up appointments. Additionally, smart analytics help you to find out which slides they viewers like most and where they left your presentation. With Beamium, you face less problems than with traditional screen sharing solutions. On top of that, there are amazing advantages such as smart analytics which outperform every other screen sharing service. Try it yourself and you will see, how much different the experience will be!

Image Source: ©iStockphoto.com/miszaqq

Author: beamium