Rock your Client Presentation

The Dos and Don’ts for remote client presentations

Nothing is more crucial for a company’s long-term success than convincing and retaining the right target clients. Even though online marketing gains higher importance in most companies, direct customer contact is still the prevailing source for potential revenue. Besides the persuading product features, the presentation to your client can be an important decision making criteria.

Guide the client through your thoughts

A good client presentation should not only tell the main results. You need to demonstrate your way of thinking and make clear why you chose certain decisions. In the very beginning, you should recap the initial problem your client had and the main objective of your company to solve this issue. Clearly outline the pain your customer has by not using your product. If there are other products on the market which are very similar to your product, do not forget to mention how you distinguish from them. It is very important to go together with your client through the presentation and enable him to understand the whole story before mentioning the resulting facts and figures. If you are able to highlight the pain, the non-satisfying status-quo and the advantages of your product or service, the price discussion will briefly result in a positive end.

Make your presentation personal

Most client presentations take nowadays place over distance, mainly via conference calls. It certainly has advantages to directly present results to big clients but in the majority of situations an effective phone call will be sufficient to present your documents and saves everybody time and money. Even if you have ten client presentations this week, you should try to make every single one unique and demonstrate that the individual client is important to you. Create a personal presentation, consider enough time for Q&As and do not force your client to make rapid decisions.

Avoid sending presentations via email

As mentioned above, it is very, very important that you personally guide your client through the presentation. In case that you decide to send your presentation or report beforehand via email, you probably destroy your chance for a convincing pitch. There are certainly some controversial points in your presentation which your client sees differently – no problem, if you are able to highlight your thoughts. But in case that you have sent the presentation simply via email before the meeting starts, your client will already go with a bad feeling into the meeting. During the meeting you should go with your client slide by slide through the pitch deck. In best case, you use effective sales presentation tools such as ClearSlide or Beamium for your client presentation and benefit from the efficiency to discuss documents as well as from the analytics of these tools.

Wrap-up and follow-on

After your client presentation is before your next client presentation. In our competitive business world, it is not enough anymore to simply sell the product and go. Demonstrate that you care about your client even after the buying decision was made. Make sure to arrange a follow-up call to see if everything works out well or if you have to improve certain aspects of your service. Maintain a good customer-relation with regular contacts to show your eligibility as a long-term partner.

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