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To give a great and memorable presentation is no easy task. You can spend entire weeks researching and preparing the content, nonetheless if you do not communicate the message clearly to your audience, the results might be disappointing. Maybe the nerves take ahold of you during the presentation and you are not able to articulate properly, the public is not able to listen clearly or even key members of the audience were not able to make it to the presentation. It would be amazing if there was a solution to these issues right? Well good news, there is such a solution: Beamium too. Beamium, an online platform characterized by its simplicity, makes it as easy as you can imagine to present documetns online on the devices of your audience, without any installations.

With Beamium you can upload PDF documents by simply dragging them or clicking on the indicated button on the tool´s homepage. As uncomplicated as that. Immediately after the document has been uploaded your ID can be shared with the audience. The tool will show the presenter how many viewers are active, will provide him with a cursor to explain specific details as well as thumbnails to have a general overview of the presentation. The viewers will then be able to download the PDF document in case any details were missed during the live transmission. The whole process is extremely simple and straightforward and is ideal for providing visual aid to the audience in pitches, business meetings and phone or conference calls. Since it is an online platform, no software download is required and users from all different operative systems will be able to enjoy it.

No longer do presenters have to worry about communicating clear message to either small or large audiences, from close and far. The visual aid provided by Beamium provides a great opportunity for presenters and an enhanced experience for audiences. Moreover, the technology protects the property of presenters through safe software platforms and present a green solution that eliminates the need for hand-outs and flyers, helping presenters keep up with the paperless revolution. Whether in a conference room at your business or in front of 500 students, a simple and effective outreach to your audience will be possible with both tools. Select the one that better adjusts to your needs and enjoy the experience.

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