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The winds of change in the millennium of binary codes and information technologies are strong and show no sign of slowing down. Thirty years ago it was a privilege of a few companies to own a computer which occupied sometimes entire rooms. Today, even six year olds play with tablets, smartphones and notebooks. New technologies also opened the road for new communications via world wide web, rendering old customs in many cases obsolete. Online video games instead of outdoor activities, eBooks instead of library visits and skype instead of international phone calls from the shop around the corner. Some might see this as an issue, others as a gift, but it is a fact that innovative technologies and the internet have eased many everyday tasks.

To read PDF documents online: a new trend with great advantages

A perfect example is the way on which information is easily shared and disseminated online. With simple document formats such as PDF, reports, papers and even books are shared within seconds. PDFs became into scripts, books, reports, blueprints, magazines and presentations of the future. Therefore, the need to read PDF documents online is increasing every day and with it, innovative solutions are being constantly born. According to Advertising Age the time spent per day by adult Internet users has increased from less than an hour 5 years ago to nearly three hours today. Many of this time is spent listening to music, watching videos or on social media channels, but some is also invested in acquiring information and knowledge. PDF documents are one of the most common formats used for this end. Why? They take less space than traditional books, scripts, manuals and other paper documents. Moreover, they are also cheaper and most importantly, they can be shared worldwide. As long as there is an internet connection, an online PDF can be read anytime from anywhere in the world. PDF documents are already a useful file format which we use to store most of our work locally, but with recent cloud technologies and innovative tools such as Beamium, PDFs can be stored and read online without difficulties and therefore accessed from anywhere in the planet. The Beamium platform permits users not only to read different PDF file formats online and also store own files for others to read, but also to download them, so that the information can also be accessed later when the Internet connection cannot be accessed. With such tools it is not even necessary to install software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, the PDF documents can simply be read online from the browser.

One step further: from reading PDF documents online to presenting them

The innovative solutions that have been developed in recent years have expanded the possibilities of information transmission to more interactive functions. Today you cannot only make information online available to be read by others via PDFs, but you can also present it live and interact with those who are interested in what you want to share. Beamium not only lets you read a PDF online, it also lets you share your PDF either with a presenter link, so that all viewers can see the entire document, or with a viewer link, so that they are only able to see the page you are on. The tool also has some basic, but key interactive functions such as a laser pointer and zoom in options. Such solutions enable the possibility to read such popular file formats as PDFs online without complications and therefore mean a step forward in the way we transmit and receive information nowadays. So either at the beach hotel with a piña colada on your hand, at your office or at the gate waiting for your flight, just login to Beamium and share or read PDFs online at will. Knowledge is power.

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