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Tricks & Tipps to work better with Apple's Numbers

For years, Excel has been the leader of the spreadsheet programs, and will most likely be the industry standard for another while. However, Apple's Numbers follows up close and brings some surprisingly good design features. Keep reading if you want to know more about the key benefits and disadvantages of working with Numbers!

Working well through program simplicity

Although not as strong and slightly different, working with Numbers is a refreshing experience. The main benefit of Numbers over excel? Simplicity and intuitive use, it’s way less intimidating than complex Excel!

Complicated file version

However, as with all apple programs, file conversion to more common document types such as excel often go along with unwanted changes in the spreadsheet design and sometimes even formulas. Yet conversion from keynote is necessary to guarantee file readability to a greater audience. 

Preparing files to distribute

The safest method to prevent this is to convert the final version of the Numbers file to a PDF and then distribute it to the audience or those you are reporting to. PDFs prevent further editing the document, so you can prevent the use and manipulation of your data while also assuring the appearance of your Numbers spreadsheet will stay the same. 

Sharing Numbers spreadsheets

When it comes to sharing your Numbers spreadsheet, you can of course use traditional methods such as email or USB sticks, but you are not limited to that. If you want to present the spreadsheet live to an audience, or distribute it to a larger amount of people in a more efficient way, check out Beamium. It's an online tool that allows you to instantly share a document with any audience (remote or in the same room) and allows viewers to access it in real time from their own devices. Optionally, you can enable downloads for the viewers, all you need to do is communicate the automatically-generated presentation-ID of your file.

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