Prevent Layout Changes for your Document

Guarantee that your document is received in the same design as you created it

Technology has enabled us to work better than ever on shared documents and collaborate via the web, and working remotely has become part of the reality we live in today. This does not change the need for teams to interact, and technology has gone a long way to promote the interaction in distant teams. Dropbox, Google drive & co. allow Co-Workers to access team files independently from their location.

Formatting problems of collaborative work

Your company’s files might be accessible to all collaborators and stored perfectly, but there remains one problem: If your team is working with different equipment, operating systems or MS Office versions, Word or PowerPoint file formats get easily lost on the way, and layout features disappear in the transition. Those unforeseen and unintentional layout changes in a word or PowerPoint document cost valuable time for each employee, and make the collaboration more confusing and inefficient.

Assuring a constant layout

It's needless to say that you need to prevent those kind of efficiency-killers! If you want to make sure your document is submitted in the same way that you see it, it is best to send your document in a universal file type, such as a PDF. Furthermore, you can use online services that allow you not only to quickly send your file to colleagues, but also let them access the document without having to download the file.

Beamium is a tool that was made to share work in the original layout to viewer devices. After the presenter uploads her file to the website, she presents directly from there. Viewers can access any uploaded file, and will see exactly what the presenter sees – and file formatting problems become impossible! Beamium works extremely well for live presentation (e.g. in teleconferences), but can also be used to distribute your document in the longer run and allow co-workers to download it when they want. But most importantly: if you use Beamium to share your files with co-workers, you can be 100% sure that there are no layout problems with the document.

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Author: beamium