Presenting to a Remote Audience

Improve teamwork over distance

Sometimes, you have to hold a presentation to an audience which is physically not present – technology makes it possible. Even though it seems unpractical in the beginning, remote presentations can represent huge efficiency boosts for a company and save millions of corporate money otherwise spent in travel expenses.

The “traditional” remote presentation

For a long time, most of the remote presentations were done in the following way: A time for the remote conference was scheduled, the presentation prepared and distributed via E-Mail as PowerPoint or PDF to all participants. Then, a phone call, tele-conference or audio live-stream was set up and started as soon as all participants have joined. Connection problems now mainly belong to the past, but many remote teams still struggle with slide confusions and efficiency lacks during their calls, causing unnecessary interruptions and wasted time.

A new way to present remotely

In order to avoid said efficiency lacks and confusions, we created a tool that supports any remote presenter and distant team in the world. By live-streaming presentation slides, Beamium makes sure every audience member is always on the same slide as the presenter, and getting lost in a slide deck is a thing of the past. The technology works completely web-based, so no downloads are necessary previous to starting the remote presentation, but can optionally be enabled by the presenter. And the remote audience can join the presentation anytime from the device and operating system of their choice – Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

Further innovation for the team

Beamium goes a step further, and adds some interaction tools to the presentation to make communication even easier. Viewers can send comments to the presenter without interrupting him/her in the speech, and like slides to express their preferences. Apart from that, Beamium offers the presenter access to valuable conference analytics. Curious to try it out? Visit

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Author: beamium