Presenting Online Without Installations

Fast, efficient, and no need for installations

It works online and it’s easy to use: those are the typical requirements that apply to technologies that are used in a workplace environment, and particularly for communications purposes. They should work quickly, require minimal effort and, wherever possible, not cost very much. Especially when transferring information and exchanging content, misunderstandings related to communications can happen very quickly, and so an efficient, effective solution is required. Beamium provides a practical answer to the problem – an innovative online presentation tool for PDF documents.

Present online without installations

This means that Beamium provides the additional benefit of doing away with the requirement to have an extra presentation software – Beamium can be used, simply and effectively, with PDF files. Data can be uploaded using drag and drop or manually via – after which you get an eight-digit ID that you can then share with your colleagues and your audience. Audience members can then simply enter this ID on the Beamium website and download the presentation. You can also send a link via e-mail to lead audience members. The presenter can now present live on the website while audience members receive the individual pages on their own devices. Naturally, Beamium works in the same way whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Beamium is useful both for comprehensive presentations and documents that need to be presented, such as contracts or thesis papers. As such, it also adds value as a useful addition to your existing software for creating documents and expands the portfolio with an interesting, intuitive product that makes it significantly easier to present to a large audience of customers, colleagues, or even the general public.

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