Presenting on iPads and Android Phones Simultaneously? No Problem!

Innovative presentations for better education.

Education lives off innovation – it is, to be exact, the study of innovations, no matter the field. The changes of the past are what created the now, and we will only move on if we manage to see things through a new perspective and think different than the ones before us.

“Everybody is a genius”

As much as education has been focused on important inventions and innovations of different sciences, the way we teach and learn has also changed. By today we know, that each student is different, and the same study mechanisms do not apply equally to all: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – as Albert Einstein once said.

Improving education by technology

Technology has significantly changed the way we are taught today, and probably the most influential invention here has been the use of PowerPoint presentations. Most of today’s students can’t even imagine a lecture without slides to focus on – and save them when the exam period is approaching. The advantage of presentations is that viewers stimulate different senses at the same time, which significantly improves the learning process: When students read and listen (and hopefully take notes) at the same time, they drastically improve their learning.

Innovating the presentation

So what if we go one step further, and invent a new way to look at the most important technology in education, the presentation? How can we make it an even better experience for students and professors alike? The answer is distribution and timing. Right now, the way presentations are shared at universities is highly defeating their purpose: Given out before the class, students can look up your answers during the lecture, and given out after classes they cannot be accessed personally at the moment the material is passed.

Giving out your presentation slide by slide

Beamium is a presentation technology that allows professors to broadcast their presentation live to the devices of his students – slide by slide. This optimises student abilities to take notes, and take the best for their personal learning out of your lecture. It is a completely web-based service, that only requires a 8-digit code to enter the presentation, so students can join immediately.

Compatibility across all different devices

Beamium runs seamlessly on all devices: Computers of different operating systems (Apple’s Mac, Windows PC etc.) as well Tablets and Smartphones (Android and iPhone) alike. All it needs is a browser, not even an Application - we like to keep it as simple and least distracting as possible.

Try out, how innovative presenting feels like!

Author: beamium