Presenting Online with your Tablet

Present from tablet to tablet or to any other device with Beamium

The time we spend online is constantly becoming more. Nowadays, nearly everyone is connected online using his own laptop, smartphone or tablet. No matter whether you’re active on social media platforms, visit online shops or book your holiday online, your daily life is somehow affected by the internet for sure. Forget about heavy equipment and use your tablet to present your slides live.

Due to several online statistics, mobile usage is even becoming more popular in comparison to desktop usage. This trend clearly represents the fact that it is no longer satisfying to use your computer to explore the online world, but that it is common to use your mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to go digital instead. People nowadays want to stay connected anywhere at any time.

It is no surprise that it is getting more popular for businesses to use mobile devices as well. Especially working with tablets is interesting for businesses and salesmen as documents and e-mails can be checked anywhere. On top of that, tablets can be used for presentations - never heard of that before? Let me explain how presenting from your tablet works. 

The solution is named Beamium. Beamium does not only allow to share documents online, but also to present live from your tablet. However, the procedure is simple and straightforward. The only things you need are an internet connection and your tablet.

Follow these steps for a successful presentation live from your tablet:

  • First of all, you use your tablet to upload your presentation on In a matter of seconds your slides are online and you’re provided with an ID.
  • The next step is to share this ID with your audience. The ID allows you to address an unlimited number of people in just a couple of seconds. As soon as the code is typed in online by your viewers, they can follow your presentation live.
  • The nice thing about that is that you’re the one who decides which slide pops up on your audience’s devices while following your speech.
  • As it is possible for them to use their smartphones or tablets to access your slides online, Beamium is the perfect tool for digital and innovative online presentations without the need of old fashioned and heavy equipment such as a beamer.
  • Additionally, your audience has the possibility to download your slides afterwards, which means that there’s no need any more to print or send any handouts.
  • Finally, it can be concluded that the whole presentation process with Beamium is innovative as it works digitally and therefore saves you a lot of time.

Try it yourself and surprise your audience with innovative speeches presented live from your tablet!

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Author: beamium