Presenting Online with your Smartphone

Surprise your audiences presenting from your smartphone to other smartphones, tablets or notebooks

According to Statista there are over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. Yes, you just read right. More than 25% of the planet`s population uses a smartphone. This $400.7bn industry, of course, hasn’t come without criticism. It is common to see posts in social media channels, articles in newspapers or magazines and even documentaries criticizing how the new generations are turning into technology zombies. This new species, they say, ratter uses WhatsApp instead of conversing with the people sitting at its table, or takes selfies with the Pyramids of Giza, instead of enjoying the mesmerizing sight. Even cities, like Ausgburg in Germany, have installed special pedestrian traffic lights for smartphone users. Is a device that permits you to navigate through cities, book almost anything instantly or present live from anywhere in the world really that bad?

The truth about smartphones

Naturally, the cited arguments are more than valid and sometimes even sad, however this is a common case of “hate the player, not the game”. New technologies commonly tend to be misunderstood and criticized, but they usually bring us great benefits. Thanks to smartphones you can chat almost at any time, without costs, with people around the planet, learn languages, easily locate yourself, do transactions and recently, even present live from anywhere in the world. Yes, that is probably one you didn’t know about. Tools such as Beamium now give you the possibility to present live from your smartphone with an utterly simple process. You just have to register with your email in the Beamium webpage and upload the documents you wish to present, all this in less than a minute. Once on the cloud, you will be able to present this documents live to any PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone in the world. Take that smartphone critics!

Can I really present live from my smartphone?

The advantages of presenting live from your smartphone are quite a few. First of all, you don’t need to carry heavy equipment with yourself, so you can forget that heavy notebook or beamer at home. Moreover, you can present from anywhere to anywhere, even from the train's restaurant during a business trip in Japan, to your viewers` devices in Argentina. Plus, not to mention the comfort and simplicity of just presenting live from your smartphone, it doesn’t get easier than this. The advantage of live, smartphone based presentations are so numerous, that I will let you discover the rest by yourself.

It is clear that smartphones are our allies, not our enemies. Of course, many tend to abuse of their use (that goes for those game junkies out there), but this does not mean that such technologies are a negative influence to our society. On the contrary, smartphones are a breakthrough innovation that serves as a threshold for a new era of communication and interaction. How can a device that lets you present live from anywhere in the world be a bad thing? So next time you have contact with a critic, remind him he can use his smartphone (yes, he has one for sure) to present his critics live.

Author: beamium