Presentations During Skype Calls

Share your presentation in real-time at your Skype calls

Online conversations became an important communication tool in our global world and Skype is one of the best-known conferencing tools. The business version of Skype made it into the modern office and can be used for one to one conversations as well as for calls with multiple listeners. On top of that, the video conferencing service of Skype makes it even possible to see the other person in real-time, independently of the location. A great and user friendly communication tool for all kind of calls.

Remote presentations with Beamium

In addition to transmitting the voice with Skype, Beamium can be used to present your documents over distance. The great online platform makes it possible to present slide by slide on the notebooks, tablets and smartphones of your listeners. By simply sharing a unique access link, your listeners will be able to join your slideshow on their own browser, without any installations or downloads. A super-easy presentation tool which enriches your Skype calls. While Skype is an awesome service for talking to each other, Beamium is a great tool to discuss documents online.

Interactive online meetings

Depending on the number of listeners in a call, it can be very easy or very tricky to interact with each other. Beamium makes it possible to interact in a non-disturbing way during your Skype call. You listeners will be able to share written feedback with you on every single slide and to ask questions if your explanations are not self-explaining. As a presenter, you can either immediately answer the comments during your Skype call, or follow-up via email afterwards. Combining Beamium and Skype ensures that you make the best out of your calls.

Better than any email attachment

Beamium is not a screen-sharing solution. The online platform really shares your documents in real-time which means that there is no need to send email attachments in addition to using Beamium. Compared to email attachments, Beamium offers great analytical reports for your presentations. Find out which page of the document the listeners liked most, where they had questions and benefit from capturing more leads. The great analytics of Beamium help you to track the audience interactions and outperform the traditional email attachment in many aspects. Skype is an awesome tool for voice conferencing, while Beamium is the best tool for document conferencing. Combine both tools and benefit from an unbelievable online conferencing experience!

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