Presentations at Phone Calls

Using Beamium during conference calls to get better results

Conference calls have the objective to discuss information over distance. As a cost- and time-effective way of meeting online, they can be used internally, for calls with business partners and for sales or marketing purposes. In every case, it has several advantages to present documents in addition to the phone call from browser to browser with Beamium.

The advantages of adding presentations to your calls

A conference call without a presentation is like a presentation without slides. How would you feel if somebody is presenting in front of you the figures of the last quarter without any slides? It would be hard to follow and you probably feel as if the presenter is un prepared. By showing a slideshow during telephone calls, you ensure that everybody has visual material on which he can look at. Moreover, it helps the participants to follow the progress of your talk. The material can also be accessed after the call to have a closer look on the information. This further helps that the information stays fresh and is recapped by everybody. Finally, it is much easier to discuss certain topics if they are supported by visual materials. Many people can easier remember visual elements than the things which they only hear.

Sharing presentations with Beamium

Beamium makes it very simple to share your documents slide by slide to the notebooks of your audience. Simply upload your presentation on and share the access URL-with your audience. Whenever you move one slide forward or backward, your listeners will always be on the same page as well. You can highlight details with a laser pointer too. No installations are needed and participants can even look on the slideshow via smartphone or tablet easily. With Beamium, everybody has the power to support phone calls with presentations. This helps to discuss reports, explain contracts or to share informative materials with prospective clients easily.

Audience participation

Naturally, most of the communication takes place orally during a telephone call. With Beamium, feedback and questions can also be added in written form. Hence, you are able to get feedback while you speak without being interrupted. This helps you engage the listeners and encourages participation.

Interactions and analytics after the call

The call hopefully stays in the mind of all participants afterwards. With Beamium, you can ensure that his happens. The document can be accessed again and again through the same link from everybody. It is now possible to navigate freely through the document. Feedback and other comments can still be shared with the presenter at any time. A great report helps you to keep the overview of all interactions and to get more insights after the talk. Even if your document gets forwarded, you will so be able to participate from the interactions of everybody who looks on your slides. Especially for sales calls, this feature set will guarantee you the maximum success in your next conference call!

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Author: beamium