Present Your Slides Online

Innovative online slideshows with Beamium

Millions of presentations are created every day. And presented. But how can you present your slides in a special way nowadays? How can you stand out of the crowd? Beamium, an innovative online presentation platform, helps you to engage your audience and to capture leads.

Create your slides as always

Beamium helps you to make your presentation awesome. The tool is primarily build for online presentations, but it already fascinated many viewers during face to face presentations as well. No matter which presentation software you prefer for creating your slides, Beamium enables you to present all common slide formats online. Simply upload your final slides on Your audience can join your live presentation easily via a unique presentation URL.

Interactive online presentations

Besides showing the slides in real-time on the smartphones, notebooks and tablets of your audience, Beamium contains interactive features to engage with your viewers. Feedback can be given in real-time and questions asked during as well as at the end of your presentation. On top of that, Beamium makes it even possible to sustain the contact to your audience after the slideshow. All slides can be accessed after your talk via the same presentation URL again at any time. Your audience can at this point freely navigate through the presentation and still give you feedback or contact you at any time!

Analyze the success of your slideshow

If you have problems to capture leads during your slideshow, Beamium is helpful as well. In fact, Beamium fosters your audience to interact and to share their contact details. This makes it possible to get in closer contact with your audience afterwards. The success of your presentation can be analyzed in your personal presentation report at any time. Try Beamium yourself and present your slides in a modern way!

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