Present your Designs Online Without Installations

Marketing your product design with straightforward online presentations

Products are the carriers of your company’s message. The image that a product leaves on the market is a reflection of your company’s reputation. Therefore, it is essential to tailor your products adequately to represent your vision in the best manner possible. A key step, and probably the most important one, is the presentation of the product design to your potential clients. This is the first impression that your customers get of your work and must therefore be a really good one. However, no matter how good a product design you have, there are many other factors that can ruin this crucial moment for you.

What can possibly go wrong if you have already a top-notch product design? In the age of information technologies, most product designs are shared in a digital form. This saves transportation costs and valuable time. A usual way to do this is by sharing the product presentation as an email attachment or using a cloud solution. However, in this case the presenter isn’t in charge of the presentation and can’t guide his client over the slides effectively. Moreover, this might generate problems due to large file sizes or incompatible formats. More innovative individuals prefer using a solution that allows them to present the design live to the clients, in order to be in command of the presentation and ensure a smooth and clear storytelling. Usual tools must normally be downloaded or installed, which might cause inconveniences for your client, either due to time constraints, or because he simply doesn’t have the administrator rights to install the new software. Such a small detail might end up ruining your presentation. That is unless you choose a tool such as Beamium.

No installations or downloads: with Beamium you present your designs within seconds

Beamium takes care of everything regarding your presentation, you just need to deliver the content and the tool handles the rest. With Beamium neither the presenter nor the viewer need to download or install any plug-ins or software. All that is required is an internet browser. The presenter uploads the presentation slides at and shares an 8-digit code or link with the viewer, vuola! You can be presenting your product design live from your windows notebook to your clients iPhone. Just like that. A practical solution if you want to present live to a client on the other side of the planet or to see the expression of surprise from your customer across the table, as you present the slides live on his smartphone. Simplicity at its best.

A great product design + an innovative presentation solution = happy clients

Thanks to Beamium you will not only be impressing your client with your product design, you will also catch his attention using an innovative and straightforward solution. Beamium not only eliminates the inconveniences of software installations and scrambled layout formats, it enhances the presentations experience for you and your customer. The tool allows you to guide the viewers slide by slide in real time. A synched presentation on their devices that allows you to narrate the story behind your product design. A satisfied customer will then be able to download the presentation as a PDF, avoiding thus format conflicts and layout problems. Of course, if you want to share highly detailed images with intense resolution, Beamium also supports large images in formats such as PNG and JPG so that no detail of you design is missed. Who said that thrilling presentations have to be complicated?

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