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Broadcast your Word documents with Beamium

Word is the most common tool to create all kind of documents such as reports, articles or minutes. While Word is a great tool to create documents, sharing and discussing documents online with colleagues or clients is often much more challenging. In a digital world, it is necessary to make Word documents accessible online and to share them with others in real-time around the world. Beamium makes it as easy as possible to share your documents online or present them to your audience, without any extra software or installations. Nothing else is needed than your notebook and an ordinary internet connection. For you, as well as for your viewers. Actually, your viewers do not even need a notebook - a smartphone or tablet is sufficient as well! Here's how to share your Word documents online:

1. Create your Word document as always

Before you share or present your documents online with Beamium, you simply work with Word and complete the document as you always do. Create your favorite content, use your best layouts and choose the font size you prefer. Your online document should look as good as your original one.

2. Save your Word document as a PDF

After that, simply export your document as a PDF to avoid layout problems in the online document. Even though Beamium will enable you to upload Word documents directly in near future, it is still advisable to save your Word document as a PDF first. This guarantees that you avoid problems with special fonts, layouts or designs which the viewers of your document maybe cannot display correctly on their computers. What is more, PDF documents have a much smaller size which makes it easier to upload them and to share them online.

3. Upload your document on Beamium

Uploading your document on is as simple as you can imagine: simply drag your PDF document on the website or click alternatively on the upload button and select the file. There is no installation needed and you can update the document again at any time in case that you made changes later on in the original document.

4. Share the ID with your audience

Beamium makes everything else for you and turns your document into an online presentation. Your document simply gets accessible online. At the same time, Beamium generates a unique ID for your viewers. Simply share this ID or the ID-Link with your listeners and optionally start your live presentation. Your audience will either be able to navigate freely through the document or, in case of a live presentation, always be on the same page as you. Beamium works on every browser which means that your listeners are able to follow your document presentation on their notebooks, smartphones and tablets from any place in the world. That's it, now your document is available online to the people which you invited and can be either shared or presented live. A laser pointer makes it possible to highlight details and some interactive features optimize the user experience.

5. Optionally enable the download of the document

You decide if your viewers shall only be able to follow your presentation online via their browser or if you want to enable them to download the PDF document afterwards as well. A simple button in the Beamium menu makes it possible to change the possibility to download the document at any time. In addition, it is possible to request emails before downloading the document. By doing so, you make sure to capture contacts of all the people who downloaded the document and can control who uses your document afterwards. Beside theses contacts, there are also interesting information available in your Beamium report which help you to analyze the online document. Which page was viewed most often? How long did people look on the document? Beamium analyzed the viewers' behavior and shows you which parts of your document the viewers like most.

To sum up, Beamium makes it very easy to share your Word documents online with any audience. The simple ID enables you to share the access to your document via email, phone or face to face. On top of that, documents can even be embedded in your own website or blog optionally. Finally, your listeners can also follow your presentation in real-time if you want to discuss the document over the phone – no matter which software they use and no matter which device they want to use. Therefore, Beamium is the easiest way to publish, present and share your Word documents online.

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