Present Without a Projector

The future of presentations

Sometimes, projectors are annoying, aren’t they? Every presenter can relate to the ordeal of connecting a projector and figuring how to turn it on, especially when giving a presentation at an unfamiliar location. Occasionally the projector will not even turn on. Other times it overheats and stops working or just does not find the wireless connection to the required devices. After overcoming this initial obstacles, there is still the possibility of bright light blurring the projected image and the occasional case of the annoying fly wanting to take part in the presentation. This can not only ignite certain nervous feelings on the presenter, but can also distract the audience or even drive it away. Wouldn’t it be great to have a practical solution that tackles such disadvantages? Well, tools such as Beamium have the answer. The innovative presentation platform that permits a presenter to share his presentation slides live on the end devices of the audience. It seems that projectors just got a major competitor.

A smooth live broadcast

No matter how big the screen, on which a presentation is being projected, is, members of the audience sitting in unfavorable positions will always have difficulties figuring out what is actually being depicted on the slides. Beamium eliminates this inconvenience by transmitting the slides live onto the smartphones, tablets and notebooks of the viewers with a only one click and no installations. The members of the audience will then be automatically synchronized with the speaker’s presentation and will also have the possibility to check previous slides in case some details caught their attention. All they need to do is enter the ID provided by the presenter on Moreover, after the presentation, the slides will be available as a digital handout in form of a PDF, so that viewers can double check important information whenever they prefer. There will no longer be a need to stand up and uncomfortably try to take blurry pictures of important slides being projected on the screen.

Present all over the world

On a further note, projectors not only have various technical disadvantages, they also present a physical one: the projected slides can only be seen by the immediate audience present in the room. Sure, web broadcast videos can be used, but for their proper functioning high quality internet connections are required, which is seldom the case. Beamium not only substitutes the projector, but it also eliminates its physical restraints: using the app or web viewer, interested listeners can follow the presentation live from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The innovative process of creative destruction is constantly providing us with simpler, more efficient and interesting solutions and now is the time for projectors to make room for the digital revolution. Speakers and audience members in congresses, universities or meeting rooms will rejoice on the advantages of this new and intriguing solution.

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