Present PowerPoint Presentations Online

Broadcast your PowerPoint presentation with Beamium

PowerPoint is used by more than 90% to create presentations. After creating your slides, you can present your PowerPoint file online with Beamium. We will explain you how to do that.

1. Create your PowerPoint slides

Start by creating your PowerPoint presentation as usual. Many existing tools and add-ins such as Efficient Elements help you to create great presentations and improve the quality of your slides.

2. Save your presentation as a PDF

Beamium will enable you to directly upload PowerPoint presentations in near future, but it is still advisable to save your PowerPoint as a PDF first. This guarantees that you avoid commonly known layout and font problems and makes sure that the document looks the same on any device of your listeners.

3. Upload your PDF presentation on Beamium

Simply upload your presentation on with one click. Your presentation will automatically turn into an online presentation and Beamium creates a unique presentation ID for you.

4. Share your presentation ID with your audience

There are two ways to enable your listeners to follow your presentation live. You can either send them a presentation-link via email or share a unique ID which they can enter on to join your broadcast. That’s everything you need to do. No matter if your viewers want to access it via smartphone, tablet or notebook – Beamium works from every browser and welcomes all of them to your presentation!

5. Optionally enable the download of your presentation

If you want that your viewers are able to download the document after your presentation, simply click on the button in our menu and enable them to download it. If you change your opinion, click on the button again to disable them to download it.

Beamium makes it as easy as possible to publish and discuss your presentations online. On top of that, you can further share your files directly via Beamium as well. We wish you all the best for your next online presentation with Beamium!

Author: beamium