Present & Share Pictures Online

Share images in real-time from your iOS or Android phone

Do you still have a camera? Nearly everybody has one but most pictures are made via smartphone nowadays. But how can you share your images after making the picture? Do you still upload them on the notebook, put them into a file and share them via email? Why don’t you directly present and share your pictures from your smartphone? It’s much easier, takes less steps and helps you to present files innovatively to your friends, family and colleagues.

Online picture presentations with Beamium

Beamium, a web-based presentation platform, makes it easy to present documents and images online. Simply upload your pictures on and get an access link for your viewers. Share this link with everybody who should be able to see your slides. Beamium enables you to present the pictures in real-time (whenever you move forward, your viewers will be on the same pictures as well) to the devices (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) of your audience. In case that you do not want to present live or if you finished your presentation, everybody who has the access link can navigate freely through your pictures. Beamium is very mobile friendly – all pictures can be uploaded and presented directly from your smartphone (independently of the operating system).

Likes, Comments & Questions

Of course, your viewers can like your pictures, write you comments and ask questions – during and after your presentation! Only you will see these comments so that nobody else can see confidential (or embarrassing) comments. Your viewers can give you feedback directly during the presentation or afterwards. You can also see all comments, likes and other interactions in your Beamium account so that no comment gets lost.

Share your pictures over distance

No matter if you are on an exchange semester, on a business trip or travelling with some friends – Beamium helps you to present your awesome JPGs and PNGs directly from your smartphone! Share your images in real-time with your beloved ones and guide them through the presentation. Combine your next phone or skype call with a Beamium picture presentation and share your greatest moments with your listeners!

Use social media to reach even more people

If you want to reach more people with your presentation and increase the number of interactions, simply share the Beamium link via social media. Everybody can then give you feedback or comment via Beamium, but only you will see the interactions. The detailed reporting page in your Beamium account helps you to keep the overview over all contributions. We wish you great moments and look forward to support you by sharing them with your beloved ones!

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Author: beamium