Present Online Without Technical Problems

Online presentations without installing any software, directly from your browser

After numberless technical problems during online meetings, you probably want to have a very simple tool for online presentations with no further problems. Welcome to Beamium! Forget all the hassle of old-fashioned tools where you have to install all kind of software and where your viewers have to download apps. Leave all the stress behind you and no longer lose time waiting for your meeting participants which are not able to join your web presentation. Beamium enables you to present files online from browser to browser without any installations. No matter if you prefer PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides or any other presentation tool for creating your slides – Beamium enables you to present all of them online without any extra software.

Web presentations without downloading any software

Using Beamium for your web presentations is very, very simple. Everything you need to do for starting your presentation is to upload your slides on Beamium allows you to present all kind of documents online, no matter which software you used for its creation. Simply save the document as a PDF and drag it with only one click on Beamium. This sounds very easy, or? Well, mainly because it is as simple as that! There are no installations, there is no software, there are no add-ons and no apps necessary for Beamium. You can use every web browser and manage your presentations online with Beamium. An optional registration makes it possible to use the professional version of Beamium, which works without installing any software as well. Beamium is equally convenient for the presenter and the viewers of the online slideshow – nobody has to install or download anything! This simplicity makes Beamium a very attractive tool for web conferencing, since nobody has to fear any installation problems. Everything your viewers need to do for joining your presentation is to click on one link. Alternatively, they can enter the 8-digit presentation ID on if you prefer to share the ID orally instead of using a link.

An easy online presentation maker for any device

Creating online slideshows with Beamium is as easy as you can imagine. The fact that all formats can be used for creating online slideshows makes Beamium an outstanding presentation software where no technical know-how is needed. Simply create your document as always, convert it to a PDF to exclude layout problems and start the presentation with Beamium! While many other web-based presentation tools enable your viewers to view the presentation via an app, Beamium makes it even on smartphones and tablets possible to view presentations simply via the web browser. Don’t you think that it is a too big hurdle for your viewers to download an app before joining your presentation? You are right, we think so as well! That’s why we optimized Beamium for smartphone and tablet audiences in addition to your notebook viewers. The viewer’s web-browser automatically adapts to the device of your listeners and guarantees a smooth presentation experience on any device. Try it yourself and leave all technical conferencing problems behind!

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