Improve your Conference Calls with Effective Online Presentations

Beamium, the best way of presenting online during conference calls

Phone calls and conference calls are omnipresent in our business life. In many companies, Monday is known as “meeting day” and very often these meetings take place via audio calls. More often than not, most of the time is used to share updates and explain documents which have already been sent beforehand. The latest report, the newest presentation or simply a short brainstorming summary are often shared via email before the meeting starts. Nevertheless, even if some of the participants did actually look at them, there is always somebody in the meeting who did not have time to do so. This means, that the main time of the meeting will be spent going through these documents. In other scenarios, it would be unfavorable to share the presentation prior to the meeting because it could result in misunderstandings. Even if everything works out fine, there will be questions about a specific slide or paragraph.

What page are we on?

How often have your heard this question? This phrase often includes that the asking person has not been able to follow the last five minutes of the conversation, because he or she was simply looking at a totally different page. Even if you share the document with the other participants in time and even if everybody receives it, prints it and reads it before the meeting starts – there will always be the problem that you do not know if everybody is looking on the same slide as you are. A screen-sharing solution would maybe help solving this problem, but creates many others. You would need to change your existing infrastructure, teach your colleagues how to use it and find a solution for the employees on the go with limited internet-availability on their smartphones. However, it remains very important for your team to make meetings efficient and avoid communication problems.

Efficient conference calls with Beamium

Actually, it is very easy to discuss documents during your audio meetings – without changing the infrastructure you are used to and without any integrations necessary. Simply upload your document, presentation or report at, share your presentation ID with your colleagues and present online on the devices of your listeners. The best thing about Beamium is that you will never be asked again, which part of the document to currently look at. Beamium enables you to navigate your viewers through your document and offers a laser pointer for highlighting details. No registration, software or set-up is required for using Beamium. And no preparation prior to your audio meeting is needed. Simply drag your document on the website, share the ID via phone or email with your team and start. After broadcasting your document online to the other participants of the meeting, you can allow them to download the document as a PDF. Forget about email attachments, simplify your life and improve your audio calls with Beamium!

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