Present on the Devices of your Audience

How to share your slides with your listeners in real-time

Presentations are the greatest tool for sharing your thoughts with your audience. More often than not, the purpose of business presentations is either to generate leads or to get approval for your idea. In both cases, your presentation will be in competition with other presentations and should be outstanding. You should therefore try to reach and engage your audience. In many cases, a presentation which you only present on the beamer will not fascinate your viewers because they are sitting too far away to see the slides or simply check their emails during your speech.

Engage your audience with Beamium

The web-based tool Beamium makes it very simple to present live on the devices of your audience. The only thing you need to have is any kind of internet browser. Upload your presentation with one click on Beamium and start your presentation. By entering the 8-digit ID of your presentation, your listeners are able to follow your presentation on their own devices. With this simple tool, you can integrate your audience in your presentation. By joining your presentation on their own smartphones, tablets or notebooks, your listeners will get immediate access to your slides on their own devices.

Use the BYOD-movement to make your slides touchable

By using Beamium for your presentation, you can easily present in real-time on the devices of your audience. This is not only a fancy feature but also makes your presentation touchable. Suddenly, your viewers do not only listen to your speech but can access the presentation, see it on their own devices, zoom in and out and read the content of your slides in detail. This guarantees that your audience really focuses on your presentation and that all smartphones are used for following your presentation instead of browsing in the internet. Moreover, you have no tedious distribution efforts anymore as your slides are immediately shared with your audience.

Allow your audience to download and share your slides

It is your decision, if your followers shall only be able to follow your presentation live during your presentation or if they are allowed to download it as well. If you allow your audience to download and share the presentation, you can further increase the reach of your speech. With one click, your viewers can then download the slides of your presentation and share them afterwards via email, social media or any other tool they like. This increases the number of people you can reach and multiplies the leads you will generate. In case that you do not want to share your slide deck with the audience, e.g. because it is a secure business presentation, you can easily disable your viewers to download the presentation and simply focus on presenting live on their devices in an innovative way.

Author: beamium