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The easiest way to broadcast large presentations and documents online

The more content you like to include in your presentation, the more likely it is that the size of the document gets bigger and bigger. But the size of the document should not limit your creativity. We all know the problems big files can make. They are too big to send them via email, need long to get loaded and can hardly be used for online presentations. While there are many solutions on the market to share your large documents online, e.g. WeTransfer, DropSend or pCloud Transfer, there is a lack of tools to present such documents online. Beamium focuses exactly on this problem and makes it as easy as possible to present, discuss and share large files via web.

No matter how big your document is, we can handle it

Uploading documents on is very easy – simply choose your PDF document and open it. Depending on the size of your document the process of uploading it will take a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes. If your file is very large and your internet connection very low, you probably choose to make an enjoyable coffee break in between. Beamium was designed to present documents of all sizes online. While some of our users are fascinated that we are able to deal with documents with more than 1,000 pages, Beamium is able to pass the most difficult scenarios. We already had users who uploaded and presented documents with more than 10,000 (!) pages. Ok, the presentation was probably a little bit boring after 10,000 pages, but this is another story.

Limited internet capacity is sufficient for presenting online

Once uploaded, it becomes very simple to share and present your document online. We display the document slide by slide on the browser and therefore do not weaken if the documents are large. For your viewers, it will be very convenient to access the document online as well. Even if your viewers use their own smartphones and have limited internet connectivity, they will be able to follow your presentation in real-time. This is a major advantage compared to many other tools on the market.

Perfect for situations with low internet connection

Even if you only want to present a very small document online, other tools often make problems if you have a bad Wi-Fi. At various conferences, we have seen that people have troubles to download apps, install software or even open their emails. Forget all your worries and trust in Beamium with its reliable presentation experience. Of course, you should still have at least some internet access and the better your internet access, the more flowing will your presentation with Beamium be.

In case that you have any troubles, we are happy to help

Our support team is always happy to help you in case that you face unexpected problems or if inexplicably one of your PDF documents cannot be uploaded on Beamium. We constantly improve Beamium and are always happy to hear about your problems and fix them immediately. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions!

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