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The easiest way to share JPEGs & PNGs in real-time with your viewers

No matter if you are a professional web designer, a photographer or a simple traveler – you want to share your creations with your fellows! But how to present images to clients, friends and family? Do you simply post them on Facebook and Instagram? Or do you share a Dropbox link with your relatives? Beamium makes it now very simple to turn images into beautiful online presentations and to display photos directly on the devices of your viewers.

Upload your pictures on

To create an online slideshow with Beamium, simply choose the most valuable of your pictures. Your JPG and PNG files can be uploaded on with one simply click. Beamium will automatically turn your images into a beautiful online slideshow and enable you to click through them simply via your web browser. During the uploading process, you will receive a unique presentation ID as well as a unique presentation link to share your images. An optional registration enables you to return at any time and to save your images in your own Beamium account.

Show your pictures to your friends, wherever they are

By simply sharing the viewer-link to your presentation with your friends, they can access your online presentation at any time by clicking on the link. Now, you can guide them through your online slideshow. Whenever you move one picture forward or backward, your viewers will directly be pushed to the same picture as well. This guarantees that everybody is looking on the same picture at the same time. Beamium can be used everywhere around the world via each browser. After your presentation, the pictures can be accessed from everybody who got the access link at any time again. You can decide, how long your pictures should stay on Beamium. There are no installations needed, everything works across

Present and share your pictures on any device

Beamium works on any device and on any operating system. You can present, share and access your image slideshow again from any smartphone, notebook or tablet. There is a special laser pointer integrated which enables you to highlight details on your images, e.g. if you want to present details of your web designs to your clients or if you want to show important parts of your pictures. The easiness of use as well as the great user experience of Beamium will strengthen the charisma of your images and help you to create big emotions. Try Beamium yourself by simply uploading a JPG or PNG on Beamium and see, how easy it can be to create photo slideshows online!

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Author: beamium