Share Excel Reports Online

Broadcast your Excel worksheets with Beamium

Budget forecasts, target-performance analysis and many other number-based reports can best be created with Excel. We explain you in this article how you can publish and present your Excel documents online with Beamium.

1. Create your Excel document

Beamium has no effect on the creation of your document. You simply create your document as always without any differences.

2. Save your document as a PDF

In a near future, it will be possible to directly upload Excel worksheets via Beamium, but it is still advisable to save your Excel document as a PDF first to avoid display problems in case that you use any special fonts or layouts.

3. Upload your document on Beamium

Upload your document with only one click on You will immediately receive a unique, 8-digit access ID which enables your viewers to join your presentation.

4. Share the unique ID with your audience

Directly invite your audience via link to join your presentation or share the 8-digit ID with them so that they can join your report on Beamium. You can already share the ID weeks before your broadcast or simply at the beginning of the meeting.

5. Optional download possibility

You decide if your viewers should further be able to download and save the document as a PDF locally or online access it online.

Try Beamium now and simplify your business meetings. You will immediately experience how easy it is to discuss Excel reports online with Beamium!

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