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Imagine if you could travel to the past and explain a genius such as Leonardo da Vinci or Sir Isaac Newton, that in the year 2016, they would be able to send a message instantly to a person more than 20000km away and even have a face-to-face conversation with them through a digital screen. They would probably get a heart attack. The pace on which communications have developed in the last centuries is more than extraordinary. Not only the conversational aspects, but also information sharing in general. Diverse tools now at days allow you to share or present your documents live around the world and share your information all the way from Seoul to Kingston Town.

The value of global communication channels

In the past years, especially in newer generations, it seems our species has reconverted from a sedentary to a nomadic one. People nowadays are constantly on the go, and not only for business reasons, but also even students are constantly doing internships or semesters abroad and discovering the planet. Be it either for work or for studies, it is elemental to be able to share or receive key information to keep up to date. This is where modern, internet based solutions play a role. Many innovate tools allow you to share in real time your information with hundreds and thousands of information-hungry viewers that might not even be in your city or your continent for that matter.

Sounds great, but what tool should I use?

Thanks to the internet we are no longer bound to a single location or even to a single machine. Platforms like Beamium let you present your documents live within seconds. The advantages of such possibilities are immense. In case you are a busy businessman or woman with little time on your hands, online solutions let you easily present your business reports to your coworkers and employees live without the need to install any software. Same case if you are a professor that wants to share the lessons material with all his students. And even if you are a student and want to follow your favorite professor’s lessons while you are on the go, you just need to login to an online solution such as Beamium to view the documents presented live.

Disseminate information anywhere, at any time

It never has been as easy to share information as it is nowadays. If you want to disseminate a message clearly, the tools are out there. The best part is that with solutions such as Beamium you can share your documents even in real time around the world, with just a simple click. You can just grab any tablet, smartphone or computer, log into the internet and present to the world. Your viewers will be amazed by your innovative presentation technique and you will have the advantages of a flexible and painless presentations solution. In a society that places so much value in time, possibilities that allow you to spend the least amount possible are constantly winning fans. There is no longer the need to spend long hours explaining details in international calls or faulty screen sharing solutions. Keep your live document presentations simple and enjoy all the benefits of outreaching your message around the planet.

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