The Best Way to Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

The benefits of Online PowerPoint Presentations and how to create them

Many years have gone by since Forethought was created at that small Californian office in 1980. Seven years later it was acquired by Bill Gates` software giant Microsoft and transformed into what we know today as PowerPoint. Three decades have gone by since then and PowerPoint has become the most popular presentation software in the planet. Millions of users at schools, universities, businesses and events have enjoyed the uncomplicated and diversified platform, leading to reports from Microsoft of over a Billion installations. This new Millennium has also seen the rise of the internet and thus, the need of different software, apps and tools to upgrade to online versions to keep up with the rhythm of connectivity and globalization. In the case of PowerPoint, the possibility of sharing documents remotely or live from one device to another has been discussed and sought after many years and it has become a reality. Today diverse tools provide the possibility of viewing PowerPoint presentations online, a great example is Beamium, a simple and effective online PowerPoint presentation tool. With Beamium, you can easily

  1. Make PowerPoint presentations accessible online
  2. Share PowerPoint slides online with others
  3. Present slideshows in real-time from browser to browser

Why online PowerPoint presentations?

The internet has become the communication channel by excellence. Not only has it replaced phone calls and text messaging, but now even television and radio are accessed mainly via the worldwide web. This is no exception for the exchange of documents and everyday files, such as PowerPoint slides. For many situations, it is needed to show PowerPoint slides online to colleagues, customers or teachers. Tools such as Beamium enable the simple exchange of presentations, since it allows a presenter to share his slides to the end devices of his audience. How does it work? Simply save your PowerPoint slides as a PDF to avoid layout problems and upload the document with one click on Beamium. Immediatelly, your PowerPoint will turn into an online slideshow which can be accessed with every simple browser. No installations are needed for using Beamium. The viewers just need to access the web viewer to follow the presentation online. Your access link to the presentation can be easily shared via all channels (e.g. email).

You decide, if your viewers should be able to navigate freely themselves through your online PowerPoint slides or if you want to present slide-by-slide to their devices. Interactive features enable audience participation. Such solutions have major advantages since they enable a better collaboration between presenter and viewers, transmitting a clear and synchronized message. Moreover, small as well as large audiences can be addressed, since the size of auditoriums and distance to the screen showing the slides are no limitations. More importantly, such technologies permit the global communication between presenter and audience: no longer must both parties be present in the same room or even the same continent, for online presentations through Beamium can be viewed from anywhere live, as long as there is an internet connection.

Where can online PowerPoint presentations be used?

The advantages of such online presentations sound indeed mesmerizing, nonetheless a question remains: in which fields can they actually be implemented? Most businesses, educational centers and private persons use PowerPoint to share their ideas, therefore the implementation possibilities for online PowerPoint presentations are immense. Think of the typical business call where both parties spend hours trying to review yearly reports and budgets, for it is difficult to understand exactly on which part of the presentation each partner is. Or a university lecture, where some students can`t assist due to internships or long party nights. In addition, Beamium enables you to embed PowerPoint slides in your own website or blog so that the viewers are able to see your marketing presentation directly on your website. Furthermore, the classical event with conferences in large auditoriums, where the audience cannot even recognize the slides or hear the speaker definitely benefit from online PowerPoint presentations.

What is more, sharing PowerPoint slides in business is often very ineffective. If you use email attachments for example, you waste a lot of file storage, often face errors during the sending process and you won't know if the document gets opened at all. Well, all of these problems are a thing of the past, for now, with online PowerPoint presentations, information is just one click away. Beamium allows you to turn your PowerPoint slides into online slideshows and offers interactive features as well as smart analytics which help you to more effectively distribute your slides to the audience.

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