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Beamium is a tool designed to view and share PDF documents online. Files can be accessed easily by simply uploading the PDF with one click on After that, the online interface of Beamium opens your document directly in the browser. A unique ID-link makes it easy to access the PDF slideshow again at any time and to share it with others. In case that you want to view, present or share your PDF online - there is no better way to do so than using this great platform. It's very intuitive to use Beamium in only three steps:

  1. Upload your PDF file
  2. View the PDF online
  3. Share the PDF with others

In 1989 the famous President of the United States, Ronald Regan, cleverly stated that “information is the oxygen of the modern age”. Twenty-seven years later his words echo more strongly than ever. On the age of the internet, access to information has become fundamental and has led to less restrictions, not only through political barriers overthrown by whistleblowers, but also by digital innovations permitting instant access online to information globally. In the present, information is exchanged in many manners, from video to audio, from pictures to text files. One of the most common file formats exchanged continues to be that of PDFs, for they are compact, secure and can easily be created and shared. Therefore, the need for a straightforward online PDF viewer that permits a rapid access to the desired documents is increasing significantly. With Beamium, your PDFs become accessible online and can be shared more effectively through the web. No installations are necessary, every browser can display the document. Notebooks, smartphones and tablets are so able to show the document without the need to download any programs.

Physical presence? Welcome to the age of internet

An online PDF viewer is one of the easiest ways to access online information nowadays, since the size and uncomplicated file format of PDFs permits a quick upload and access, without the need of large cloud systems or bandwidths. Tools such as Beamium are permitting people all around the world to present, show and view PDFs online within seconds, simplifying and accelerating the global information exchange drastically. The global network of communications has opened the possibility to a constant international exchange of information in a digital form. Either for business, entertainment or educational purposes, a worldwide access to data has simplified the way through which human interaction takes place in the present. No longer is physical presence necessary to conduct an interview, business meeting or attend a lesson. Under such circumstances, the ability to expose messages and disseminate information to large audiences remotely has been enabled through tools such as online PDF viewers. Combining the simplicity of the PDF file format and the straightforwardness of PDF viewers permits audiences to receive the transmitted knowledge in and efficient manner, which is exactly what Beamium does through its user friendly interface. The tool permits users to upload and present PDF documents within seconds, so that very large audiences worldwide can be addressed. Hence, the viewers will eihter be able to navigate only through the document themselvers or you can present your slideshow page to page to the devices of your listeners. On top of that, there is an optional lead feature as well as smart analytics which help you to turn your documents into more intelligent online slideshows.

It’s a digital revolution, not a dehumanization

The fact that many forms of communication are now taking place from remote distances, does not mean they should lose their personal touch for the sake of simplicity. Sure it is easy to send presentations via email, for other users to access them at will, but this mechanized procedure loses the personalized feeling of human communication and therefore shatters the message that should be transmitted. At the same time, the receivers are maybe not able to open the document on their devices. An online PDF viewer that makes it possible to present live, enables the direct interaction between presenter and viewer so that the information is transmitted clearly and in detail. Beamium also permits to present with a laser pointer and zoom features, so that every single detail is covered properly. Moreover, the tool does not add any unnecessary, fancy features, so as to keep the communication simple and straightforward, as well as personal and in real time. Whether you are at a hotel in Bora Bora or at a conference room in Moscow, if you need to transmit important information quickly and efficiently, you can access your favorite PDF viewer and presenter online and enjoy the advantages of living in the 21st century. Upload your document, and view the PDF online!

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