The Smart Way to Share Documents Online

How to share your documents online more effectively

The necessity to share documents over distance

In a global world, worldwide collaboration becomes naturally more and more important and one of the major trends in our business environment. Working together with teams from various locations includes several challenges. Misunderstandings, communication problems and time zone differences are just some of them. While leading teams in general can be very difficult, sharing and discussing documents online should be very easy. Sometimes you need to share your documents with colleagues, sometimes with prospective customers. In all cases, it is necessary to have a well-functioning online tool which makes it easy to enable others to access the document from everywhere on the world.

  • Online-documents outperform traditional email attachments in many aspects.
  • International teams could not exist without the power of document sharing tools.
  • Simplicity is one of the key features when choosing the right tool.

Share, present & discuss your documents

There certainly are various tools for online collaboration. While some of them focus on developing a document online, others highlight the possibility to share or present them to your colleagues or customers. Finally, there are tools designed to share your documents smarter, replacing the old-fashioned email attachments. Finding the right tools to optimize your process is a key success factor for efficient projects. If you search for tools to create the document, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive will fit your needs. But once the document is ready to be shared to your superiors, colleagues or customers, you need to find an easy way to present and share the document online. If you only send the document as an email attachment, you risk that many of the receivers do not even open the document because of the tedious clicks included. Moreover, you have to decide if you want to share your documents before or after the meeting. In both cases, you miss the chance to share it in real-time during the conversation with your counterparts. In addition, email attachments need much space in the recipient's email account which often results in errors.

Share your documents in real-time with Beamium

Beamium is a tool designed to solve these problems. The idea behind this smart tool is simple: upload your document on, share your unique ID, which you will receive during the uploading process, with your audience and enable them to view your document online. The viewers will be able to see the document online and navigate through it from their smarpthones notebooks and tablets. Interactive features enable them to comment and great analytics show you how the viewers behaved in the document. In addition, you can present live from browser to browser on the devices of your listeners. In this case, Beamium transmits your document in real-time to the notebooks, smartphones and tablets of your audience, slide by slide – everything you and your listeners need is an ordinary internet browser. After the live pitch, your viewers will again be able to navigate through the document themselves and download it - if you enable them to do so.

Very simple, and very effective

While Beamium is a very simple tool which combines the best aspects of conferencing and document sharing tools, it is amazingly effective. Discussing documents online during phone calls, highlighting specific details with a laser pointer and sharing the document simultaneously was never so easy. You as presenter decide, if your audience shall always be on the same slide as you are, or if your audience has the possibility to download the document as a PDF and save it locally – hence, no email attachments are needed anymore. With users from over 60 countries, Beamium is a well-established solution with a simple ambition: enhancing your communication effectiveness by sharing documents easily online.

5 Steps to share your docs online

  1. Create the document with your favorite program
  2. Save the document as a PDF
  3. Upload the PDF on
  4. Share the access link with your audience
  5. Let them navigate through the pages or present live

Author: beamium