Lead Generation in Content Marketing

How to build websites which generate sales leads

There are multiple ways to generate marketing qualified leads. Leads can be generated offline or online. While offline lead-generation was mainly used in traditional marketing, modern marketing benefits from the huge number of online users. Overall, lead generation in online marketing can be clustered in on-page and off-page channels. While off-page describes the situation where you try to capture leads on another company’s website, on-page tools help you to turn your website visitors into leads. Especially for inbound marketers, on-page lead generation tools are a must-have. With Beamium, high-quality leads can be gathered through your own website following an innovative white paper marketing approach.

  • A lead generation websites combines good content and lead forms.
  • While content marketing drives traffic, gated content drives leads.

Integrating white papers on your website

No matter if your online marketing approach focuses on content marketing, Google ads, social media ads or affiliate programs – you always have the objective to bring prospects to a dedicated page on your website. The dedicated landing page will then be used to convince the visitors with the advantages of your solution. Text, pictures, videos and other formats can be combined. But the most effective way to demonstrate your company’s solution is to integrate white papers on your website. A white paper can either be a presentation or a document. While your website visitors naturally look around themselves on the page, your white paper enables you to guide them through your solution. This makes it possible to show the advantages of your product in the order which you determined. By sharing white papers, you ensure that the visitors have the perfect experience of your marketing information.

On top of that, the white paper document can easily be updated without the need of web developers. There are no limitations regarding the size or format in the white paper. Integrating presentations or documents on your website is very easy. Simply upload the created slides on beamium.com and embed the presentation on your webpage, blog or landing page. That’s it. Very easy and the most effective way to demonstrate your solution to prospective customers. A very innovative approach to share sales or marketing information with prospective customers. The great advantage of white papers shared with Beamium is the fact that you will be able to monitor their performance in your personal Beamium account. Find out which slide the visitors like most, how long they stayed on the pricing slide and where they churned. By integrating white papers through Beamium on your website, you will get as much information about your marketing materials as never before.

Generating leads on your website

Naturally, you want to turn your website visitors into paying customers. For doing so, it is necessary to turn them into marketing qualified leads first. Hence, you must motivate your website visitors to share their email addresses and further contacts with you. You could simply ask them to register for your newsletter – or, you could be much smarter. After embedding presentations on your website with Beamium, you will be able to determine at which point of the presentation the viewer must share his contacts before seeing the full slideshow. After the first couple of slides, the interested website visitor must enter his email for seeing the rest of the white paper.

A great way to capture leads on your page. The fact that only the visitors who already walked through the first slides must enter their emails guarantees that you get high-quality marketing leads. On the other hand, it is much more likely that a prospective visitor shares his contacts in the middle of the white paper (after seeing some interesting slides and being excited about the rest) than asking prospects at the very beginning or at the very end of the slideshow. Of course, the white paper can also be shared through social media or email which multiplies the reach as well as the number of contacts which you generate.

High-quality leads with tailor-made information

Generating leads with Beamium on your website has many more advantages. On top of receiving high-quality contacts at the right time, your viewers will also be able to give you feedback or to ask questions directly from the white paper. Hence, you will receive many more messages than with any other marketing tool. Follow-up appointments can be requested from your prospects as well. In addition, Beamium makes it even possible to get detailed information and analytics about the prospective client. Which slideshow did the prospect look at before sharing his email? Is he interested in solution A or in product B? At which point of the presentation did he spend the most time and which questions did he have? These and many more questions will be answered with the great analytics of Beamium which enable you to track the success of your presentation and to classify the lead. By capturing marketing leads with Beamium, you can determine the perfect mix of quantity and quality of your future leads. Make sure to turn your website visitors into high-quality leads with Beamium!

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