Mobile Conferencing – A New Era of Online Meetings

How mobile conferencing will change our business lives

Smartphones help us to access internet from nearly every place around the world. With the help of this little device, we can work, communicate, socialize and to enjoy great entertainments easily. The times where television and notebooks dominated our digital lives changed. The rapid rise of the iPhone also affected our business environments. Emails can be received from any place, documents shared easily – a miracle and a nightmare simultaneously. When we look on teleconferences, the smartphone made its way into our business meetings as well. Let’s find out what will come next!

The advantages of mobile access to meetings

We all daily experience the advantages of smartphones. There is no need to go to the office for exchanging information with colleagues anymore. During business trips, holidays and on the go – the smartphone accompanies us all the time. If we have to check something, we just have to type it into the smartphone. A wonderful gadget which helps us in many occasions. Searching a restaurant? No problem. Booking holidays trips? Why not. Buying Christmas presents? A couple of clicks are enough. What is more, smartphones can be used perfectly for attending meetings remotely. No matter if you are on a business trip, at home or driving to a client – the smartphone helps you to listen to the conference call from any place in the world. Simply dialing into the conference call is sufficient fo enjoying a great audio experience. Business life can be so easy. As the organizer of a telephone call, you do not need to find a time where everybody is in the office. It’s much easier to find a time for telephone conferences than synchronizing for meetings in person. Besides its simplicity, mobile meetings save costs and help the environment too.

A new era of mobile presentation sharing

Being able to talk over distance simply via the smartphone made communication much easier. Especially for sales purposes, it was never so likely that a client is available as nowadays. But this new era of mobile conferencing brings some new challenges. Beside the easiness to share voice, it became necessary to develop new tools for sharing content. Beamium makes it very simple to present and share documents online. The web-based presentation platform can be used for mobile meetings as well. There are no installations necessary and you can join presentations from any place in the world. What is more, Beamium enables you to present from your smartphone. Since Beamium shares the presentation (and not your screen), the slides will be transmitted in high-quality and you can dial in to the telephone conference simultaneously. A great tool for remote presentations. Sharing visual information in addition to the voice is a must-have in modern business meetings. Presentations make it easier to follow progress, to understand the information and to recap the meeting afterwards. With Beamium, you can now join this new era of mobile conferencing. Improve your business calls with great presentations and bring all your listeners on the same page!

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Author: beamium