Make your Telephone Conferences Effective

Effective telephone calls to boost efficiency

“Sorry, I can’t hear you. Which document are we talking about? Slide 7 or slide 17? You are talking about the second paragraph, correct? Could you please send me the file again, I did not receive it the last time?” At how many audio conferences did you already hear these or similar questions? Probably on many more than you prefer. Holding meetings over distance became a common practice in most businesses. Even though we already have amazing technologies, handling conference calls effectively is still a nightmare. Find out how you can make your next calls effective!

Solid audio line

Many misunderstandings can be avoided with a solid audio line. Make sure that you use a solid system which allows you to clearly speak with each other. Unfortunately, there are few web conferencing services which really meet all expectations. In best case, you should simply use your own smartphones and set up a meeting room, e.g. with FreeConferenceCall. This enables everybody (independently of his tech-savviness) to join the conversation by simply dialing a number and entering an access code. Moreover, using smartphones instead of headsets will be much more natural for most participants. A solid audio line is the basic of every telephone conference and should not be underestimated. Over time, you will lose a lot of effectiveness if your audio system does not meet your expectations.

Discuss your documents with Beamium

No matter if you discuss a document, report or presentation, it will be very useful that everybody actually sees the document. Often, documents are sent beforehand via email attachment to all participants. Besides the fact that some people will simply not see the attachment, it can be very annoying if everybody is able to see the last slide before the meeting starts. Some participants will immediately build their own opinion and misinterpret the slides. Hence, you should avoid sharing visual materials much prior to the meeting. We recommend using Beamium for sharing documents in real-time. Simply upload your document on and share the access link via email with your participants. Beamium enables you to present slide by slide (or page by page) directly on the devices of your listeners. No installations are needed and Beamium works on every operating system as well as on every device. Your viewers will always be on the same page as you are. In case that somebody did not receive the email with the access link beforehand, you can simply share the access ID during the meeting via phone.

Bring the maximum effectiveness in your calls

In a nutshell, Beamium makes it very simple to present documents in conference calls. Everybody will be on the same page and a laser pointer makes it possible to highlight details. What is more, your viewers can give you written feedback or ask written questions during the call as well as afterwards. Therefore, it is not necessary to interrupt the speaker all the time – questions can be asked in written form through Beamium! After the end of your effective call, every participant will be able to freely navigate through the document. Of course, it is also possible to download the document as a PDF if needed. As a presenter, you will benefit of a great report which summarizes the interactions during as well as after the conference call. In case that somebody has further questions to a slide, he can simply write you directly via Beamium after the call as well. Beamium will help you to make your conference calls effective and interactive – believe it. We have seen many problems which occur during audio conferences and developed with Beamium a great tool for effective phone calls. An awesome solution for telephone conferences inside the company, with business partners and especially for calls with clients!

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