Make your Presentation Interactive and Get the Audience Involved

Improve audience participation with an innovative tool and make them part of your presentation

The goal of your presentation is to transmit information. Wrong! The goal of your presentation is to entertain your audience and let them dive into your area of expertise. Do not just read from your slides. Make your presentations interactive and exciting. Let your audience participate and enrich your speech. In 2017, it is time to make your presentations interactive and to let the audience members participate. They must be a fundamental part of your presentation. And innovative presentation tools help you to make this happen.

Nothing is worse than a bored audience

For a perfect presentation, you need three things.

  1. Your topic and your slides should be interesting.
  2. Your presentation style must be engaging.
  3. Your audience wants to be entertained.

Presenting is not only about you standing in front of a crowd. A good speaker should know his audience and include them into his talk. But looking in the listeners’ eyes and asking some questions the end of your talk is not enough anymore. A perfect pitch must be entertaining the whole time. If some of your viewers get bored, others will follow. To avoid this downward spiral, try to wake the bored part of your audience and involve them in your presentation!

Interactive presentations with Beamium

“Interactive” sounds great. But what does it mean that your talk should be interactive? There are various ways to make your presentation interactive and to engage your audience. The most common scenario where your audience can be involved is the Q&A session at the end of your speech. But there are many other ways to interact with your audience during the presentation. Make sure to answer questions at any time and keep asking about contrary opinions during your presentation. Interactive presentation tools such as Beamium make it possible to promote the audience engagement with technology. Beamium makes it possible to present directly on the devices of your audience and enables your viewers to interact with the slideshow. Your slides will be shared in real-time to the smartphones, notebooks and tablets of your audience.

No matter if you prefer to present face to face or online over distance, Beamium enables your audience to give you live feedback and to ask questions through their own devices. Get your audience involved and let them ask questions, comment on slides and like your best moments! Based on your preference, you can answer feedback from the audience directly during the presentation or afterwards via email. How can your audience participate at Beamim? Without any installation, and without technical problems. Everything you need to do is to upload your slideshow on Beamium and share the access-URL with the audience. Immediately, they will be able to follow your presentation on their own devices and benefit the great interactive features.

Audience engagement should continue after the presentation

The end of your presentation does not necessarily mean that you should end the relationship with your audience. Your presentation should rather be the foundation for new relationships with your viewers. With Beamium, your listeners can take your slides home as a digital handout and access them later again. With no need to send emails, upload your slides on any furhter platform and hope that somebdody downloads it afterwards. In addition, all the features are still available afterwards as well. Based on our experience, it is common that your viewers want to have a look on your slides after a couple of days and suddenly have questions. No problem! Beamium supports them to directly send you a message and helps you to build a relationship with your audience. On top of that, there is a report in Beamium which helps you to analyze your slides. Views per slide, retention time per slide as well as the churn rate on every slide make it easy for you to find the underperforming pages of your presentation. If nobody looked on them afterwards, these slides should probably be enhanced for your next presentation. Make your audience participate and get them involved with Beamium!

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