Make your Phone Calls more Effective with Beamium

How to bring everyone on the same page during your call

Telephone calls are omnipresent at every business day. Instant sales calls, weekly telephone conferences and many other daily conversations keep us on the phone for hours. Often, documents or presentations are discussed at these calls. While most people simply share them via email attachment and don’t know on which page the other person is looking, Beamium boosts phone calls by bringing every participant on the same slide. A great online presentation tool to avoid misunderstandings. Especially for marketing or sales calls, it makes a lot of sense to guide the listeners through your presentation. Besides the simple remote presentation platform, Beamium has a small set of features which makes your telephone call much more effective.

Share your presentation at any time

You want to go with the listener through your presentation and you don’t want that he sees the last slides before you could explain them? No problem, Beamium makes sure that your listener only sees the same slide as you currently present. Hence, even if you share the presentation beforehand, there is no chance that the listeners can go through the whole document without your permission. On the other hand, the live-presentation can simply be switched to a presentation handout where the listeners are able to navigate freely through the document. If you want to share the document after the call, one click is enough and your viewers will immediately be able to navigate freely. One button is enough to switch between the two possibilities at any time.

Interactive contact features

Presentations are all about encouraging the viewers. No matter if you present or if you choose to share the handout without a live-presentation, your viewers shall be able to contact you as simple as possible. Beamium emphasizes written feedback at any time. During phone calls, questions can be asked simply and comments shared with you (especially effective if there are multiple listeners in the line). After the call, Beamium helps the listeners to get in touch with you directly through the presentation. An awesome way of encouraging interactions and keeping in touch. Follow-up calls can so be effectively scheduled without writing several emails.

Great analytics for more success

Bringing everyone on the same page and making it easier for your listeners to participate sounds great – but what’s in for you? A lot, if you have a look on the great analytics of your presentation. Find out how many interactions took place during and after the call. Which slide should be changed, where did a listener have questions and with whom should you arrange a follow-up call? With Beamium you will know much more about your slides than with traditional email attachments. The easiness to handle, the effective way of presentation sharing and the goal-oriented feature set make Beamium a perfect tool for effective phone calls.

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