Stream your PDF live to a remote audience

Broadcast your PDF presentation online to a remote audience

Sharing is caring, even in a digital world. It’s Monday morning, and your inbox is full - no matter what you do. As different as our personality, job or industry may be, there are some things that remain the same for all of us nowadays: We’re dependent on digital communication tools, used to online meetings, full email inboxes and the never ending stream of new PDF-files and other attachments. Beamium makes it very simple to stream PDF documents online in real-time:

  1. Upload your PDF on
  2. Share the access link with the viewers
  3. Present live online
  4. Optionally share the handout of your PDF

We all know the problem

Maybe you have a conference call coming up to go over this month’s budget, or your husband wants to walk you through the details of your weekend trip online. You could be an artist wanting to show her newest pieces as web-broadcast, a student reviewing study material with friends, or a speaker trying to get a step closer to his audience. As different as these people are, they all have something in common: they need to communicate with others, view and show PDFs, be constantly connected online and get their message through. And they need to bring everyone on the same page, share things live and immediately online – they need to stream files live through the internet.

Make sharing easier

We all have PDFs to explain and distribute, but I bet there is not a single one of you who doesn’t know the pain of email attachment size limitations or the struggle of finding the right file version before showing it to others. We have gotten used to the “sorry, what page are we on now?” during phone conferences and know the hassle to share our documents afterwards, because we are using old techniques that don’t allow online live-streaming. But should we really? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just broadcast PDFs live with one click? Imagine there was a way to skip the whole confusion of calls, conferences and collaborations and just go directly to what is important. A way to simply share your PDF through an online live-stream to a remote audience, make things easier and let everyone see the same thing at the same time?

Bringing everyone on the same page

With Beamium, sharing your ideas has just gotten as simple and comfortable as it could possibly be: You drag and drop your PDF file on the Beamium website, and seconds later you are ready to present it using our live PDF streamer that reaches anyone in the world: Your audience can follow your presentation broadcast in real time. No registration, no download, no complications, no wasted time whatsoever. Navigate your partners through the live PDF stream, and they will see exactly the part you want them to in real time – no matter if it is a pitch, a presentation, a budget plan, a legal contract, or your latest design creation. While you go through the file online, everyone else can follow and see the same page of your live PDF broadcast from their own web-browser. They can go back to review previous slides, but won’t be able to steal your show – future pages only come available on the PDF stream once you presented them.

Just one click, and everyone sees the same thing

It’s so easy: All you need to do to grant access to your personal PDF live-stream is provide the audience with the simple yet secure 8-digit code generated by Beamium once your file is uploaded, and you will be ready go live immediately. Everyone can access the PDF live-stream through our website, type in the code and then follow your live broadcast as you go through the document. We designed the Beamium online PDF streamer to give you maximum freedom in terms of the devices or location of your audience – it works everywhere!

Complications? Absolutely none!

It's time to forget about long email lists, attachment complications and unnecessary interruptions during your broadcast. Let your audience take part live and connect them better to the content by using a live PDF streamer. There is so much you have to share online with partners, clients and colleagues, and now it is easier than ever. What are you waiting for? Get your ideas out there with Beamium!

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