Lead Generation with Presentations

How to turn slideshows into lead machines

Millions of presentations are created every day. Presentations take place at events or in businesses. Often, slides are shared without presenting them. Especially in the business environment, presentations are mainly used for marketing and sales purposes. Sales presentations are shared with prospective clients, marketing presentations can be distributed through social media or presented in front of an audience. No matter where you present, independently if you present in person or online – presentations are great tools for reaching a wider audience. By convincing prospective clients with your slideshow, you can create interested leads for your business. With Beamium, your slides can be turned into lead machines which help you gather more leads.

Share your slides and capture leads

The way Beamium works is simple. After uploading your slides, you receive a unique presentation URL. Simply share this URL with the audience, your followers or prospective clients. Immediately, they will be able to access your slides, to contact you and to give you feedback. But most important, they must at some point in time share their email address with you. Hence, Beamium helps you to generate high-quality leads from interested viewers with the minimum possible effort. Instead of sharing your presentation and not hearing anything from the viewers in future, Beamium ensures the maximum success. You decide at which point in the presentation you want to get the contact details. Do you want your viewers to see the first couple of slides before being asked to share contacts, or shall they immediately enter the contact information before seeing the first slide? Is it enough for you to receive the email addresses, or do you strive for more information? It’s totally up to you, how you want to generate leads with Beamium. In every case, Beamium will help you to get more leads with your slideshow.

High-quality leads with profound information

Capturing leads with your presentation is great. But what is even better, Beamium makes it possible to gather high-quality leads from the really interested people. In addition, the analytics behind Beamium enables you to track the success of all your slides. Find out which part of your presentation convinced the most viewers and where they spent their time. Don’t waste your resources with unnecessary surveys. Beamium unveils the real effectiveness of your marketing materials. Do you think that all viewers looked your presentation until the end? Probably not – Beamium shows you where exactly they churned the slides.

To sum up, Beamium turns slides into leads. No matter if you want to present the slides or simply share them, the marketing presentation platform is your number one tool for creating and closing deals. The more often you use Beamium, the more leads and the more analytics you will get. It’s easy to share slides with Beamium, and it’s surprising how much more successful your slideshows can be!

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Author: beamium