Interactive Presentations with Beamium

Engage your audience during your slideshow

Presentations are everywhere and standing out of the crowd gets more important than ever. But how can you make sure that the audience listens to your presentation? The secret word is called engagement. Nowadays, presentations are no one-way road anymore. Your viewers want to contribute and it’s your task to stimulate their engagement!

Audience feedback immediately during the presentation

Did the audience like this slide or not? Should you continue to talk about it or rather go forward to the next one? Find it out with Beamium! Beamium transmits your slides in real-time to the devices of your audience and enables them to give you feedback on every single slide. Totally web-based without any installations. Do not ask yourself anymore, if your slides are good or bad – let your listeners decide which slides the like most, during or after the presentation. With feedback from the audience, you have the chance to improve the slides with the fewest likes and to spend more time on the most popular ones at your next presentation.

Digital Q&As - Encourage your listeners to ask questions

Q&A sessions can be very boring. There are few visitors who are ready to ask questions and most people do not feel comfortable enough to speak in front of the whole audience. This is your chance to get everybody involved and to motivate even the shiest person in the room to ask a question. Beamium makes it simple for the audience to ask questions or to comment your slides immediately during or after the presentation. As a presenter, you can then directly answer the incoming questions in real-time or return to the unanswered questions after your presentation via email. Make sure that everybody has the chance to raise his question and receives a nice answer from you! No matter if you hold a face to face presentation or if you present over distance – the new presentation feature of Beamium is equally useful for both situations. At live events, the digital Q&A format breaks the barrier of shyness and makes it comfortable for every audience member to ask questions. During telephone conferences, it is often difficult to hand around the microphone. Let your audience members easily ask their questions in written form via Beamium and be surprised how many questions there are!

The interactive feature set of Beamium helps you to digitalize your presentation and to experience a new way of slideshows together with your audience. With its unique feature set, Beamium builds a bridge to your audience and helps you to continue interactions even after your presentation. By using Beamium, you do not only get more involvement from your audience. Simultaneously, you can gather valuable data during your presentation. Finally, Beamium helps you to detect, analyze and convert the most important leads from your audience.

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Author: beamium