Interactive Conferencing At Its Best

The easiest way of encouraging online meetings

Telephone conferences are great for efficient phone calls over distance. Beamium helps you to boost your telephone conferences with effective online presentations. While your audio line stays the same as currently, your viewers can now simultaneously follow your document presentation from their own web browser. Find out more about the interactive features which skyrocket your online conference.

In addition to your telephone line

Using Beamium has an amazing advantage: you do not have to change your audio system. There is no need to use VoIP if you prefer traditional telephones. You can stay with Skype, Google Hangouts or any other tool you currently use for your telephone conferences. Beamium does “only” replace the old-fashioned sharing of documents via email attachment. With Beamium, you can now present your documents during the phone call slide by slide on the devices of your audience. Nobody has to ask on which slide you are again – because everybody will now be on the same slide!

Interactive and encouraging

Ok guys, get ready to be excited! Online conferences with Beamium are not only super easy to handle, they are also very interactive. All listeners will be engaged and can now write you feedback during the call. Questions can be asked, comments written or likes shared – without interrupting the speaker! Moreover, by sharing documents via Beamium you do not need to send email attachments anymore. Everybody will be able to download the digital handout afterwards. On top of that, Beamium works on every device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) without installations.

It is not over, when it is over

Sounds strange, but Beamium helps you to extend the relationship between you and your listeners after the online conference. Your viewers will be able to access the document again after the meeting. Furthermore, they can also interact with you afterwards if there are any more questions. Hence, it is your decision when the presentation should be deleted from Beamium. Until then, your after-conferencing experience stays awake. An awesome feature for sales calls, telemarketing and for pushing projects inside of your company.

Successful or not?

Find it out! After the meeting, you could ask yourself if everybody participated. Or if everybody was able to follow. Or if there are any questions which you did not answer. Enough assumptions – bring light into the dark with the awesome analytics of Beamium. Beamium helps you to analyze the interactions during as well as after the presentation. Find out if everybody downloaded the document or if you have to remind one of the forgetful listeners again. With Beamium, you keep the control over your online conference.

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