Integrating Sales and Marketing

The benefits of an integrated sales and marketing strategy

Sales teams work daily on improving the company’s revenue. Marketing teams focus on creating new leads which ultimately should result in higher revenue too. So, why not integrating sales and marketing to work closer on this common goal? Bringing your sales and marketing teams closer together has many advantages and should be considered as an effective way of reaching the company’s targets.

The modern way of marketing

In the past, the main objective of marketing was to increase brand awareness. It was commonly believed that a higher brand recognition will automatically result in higher revenues. PR, TV ads, event participation and many other marketing campaigns were used to improve the general awareness for the brand. In many consumer-focused companies, this strategy is still widely used and totally makes sense. For other areas, especially in the B2B field of business, new marketing channels such as affiliate marketing, SEM and content marketing exceeded the traditional marketing channels. The easiness to track the success of online marketing campaigns combined with the shorter time to get new leads persuades many marketing executives. In contrast to traditional marketing channels, where it was nearly impossible to calculate the influence of marketing on revenue growth, these new forms to generate leads can easier be monitored. Therefore, the main objective of marketing teams switched more and more from brand awareness to lead generation. Nowadays, many marketers are incentivized in similar ways as sales employees.

The tough fight concerning MQL

Since leads became the main objective of modern marketing, a new problem came to the fore: Are marketing qualified leads as good as they should be? The idea is simple. Marketing generates leads, sales closes them. Of course, there is a certain conversion rate included and only a fraction of the marketing leads will buy the product in the end. This is no problem, if the revenue targets are met. But in a crowded business word, meeting sales numbers gets harder and harder. Hence, a dilemma between marketing and sales departments started. Sales blames marketing for not delivering enough leads (either the number is too low or the quality is too low), while marketing realizes that the current marketing budget is not high enough to further increase the number of new leads. Simultaneously, marketing teams were wondering why the number of closed deals is that low. The only real chance to solve this dilemma is to bring marketing and sales teams closer together. By redefining marketing qualified leads and by closer looking on the whole lead process, it is possible to reach a SQL-level for the marketing leads.

How to elevate MQL to a SQL-level

The main goal of modern marketers is to gather leads, while sales employees have the goal to close them. Hence, in the end of the day both departments must work together on increased revenues. Too often, marketing is incentivized based on the number of leads without really caring about the lead quality. Of course, there is some (flexible) definition of MQL. But to really make an impact in your lead strategy, it is necessary to improve the definition of MQL. The better the marketing leads are, the easier it will be to close deals for your sales managers. An effective way to improve the lead quality is white paper marketing with Beamium. By simply embedding presentations in your website and blog, the visitors will be able to see the first slides of the document. After that, a lead form pops up and the visitor must enter his contacts. Then, he will be able to see the rest of the document. Using the Beamium approach for gathering new leads has many advantages. First, you sort out the “not-really-interested” leads. Not everybody who visits your website really cares about your solution. By collecting leads after the visitor demonstrated his sophisticated interest, the quality of the leads will improve. On top of that, the uploaded presentations on Beamium can also be shared through social media or email, which multiplies the reach of your marketing presentations. Detailed analytics immediately help the marketing team to optimize the white paper, while the lead quality will simultaneously be determined with the analytics of Beamium.

Integrating sales and marketing processes

The problem is clear: sales and marketing teams often work against each other instead of following the same goal. By tightening the relationship between sales and marketing, a common atmosphere can be reached and discussions can be avoided. Integrating sales and marketing does not necessarily mean that the marketers and sales guys should sit in the same room all the time. It rather emphasizes on the idea that they should meet more often and – even more important – that the lead hand-over process between marketing and sales must be improved. Mostly, it is nowadays necessary to requalify the lead before continuing sales processes. By gathering sophisticated background information of each single lead through Beamium already during the marketing processes, this dilemma can easily be turned into a strength of your business. The hand-over process will not only become more effective, it will also be easier to determine weaknesses in your marketing-sales-process.

In a nutshell, it is necessary to establish a closer cooperation between marketing and sales. This starts with regular meetups, goes on with complementary incentives and can be finalized with Beamium. Beamium does not only help to gather high-quality marketing leads. On top of that, the sales presentation platform makes it possible to present and share documents during the sales process again and again with the prospective client. No matter if you want to share sales information via email or if you want to discuss a presentation on the phone – Beamium fosters engagement by displaying the document in the browser of the prospective client with great call-to-actions and helps you to further analyze the lead quality. From gathering the new lead to closing, the marketing and sales teams must work together. By introducing Beamium, they even want to work together.

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