Innovative Slideshow Presentations with your Smartphone

Forget projectors and impress your audience with sophisticated presentations

Do you remember presentation tri-pods? That's right, those portable devices which presenters used to present on large sheets of paper. Now you just get to see them in creative business meetings every now and then. The same goes for chalkboards in university lessons, their use is getting rarer with each day that goes by. Both are the results of the inventions of digital presentation software and technologies such as the projector. It is all part of Schumpeter`s process of “creative destruction”. Innovative technological solutions appear to provide more effective channels and results. The same applies for presenters: the more innovative their presentations are, the better impression they will leave on an audience. So, how can you innovate your presentation?

Forget projectors and present from your smartphone!

You read that right, the age of projectors is over. No more last minute connection problems before the presentation, no more shadows on the screen or unclear images and no more members of the audience missing the presentation due to obstacles in their sight. The solution: smartphones. Smartphones are usually one of the main enemies of presenters, for they tend to distract the viewers from the event itself. Nonetheless they can also become great allies. With tools such as Beamium, a speaker can easily present his slideshow live from his smartphone onto the end devices of his audience. The slides will automatically synchronize on each of the viewers’ devices. No need to set up a projector, to wait for the notebook to get connected or to get a screen ready. All viewers will be able to follow the presentation from their devices and will be impressed by this practical solution. Moreover, the presenter can leave his heavy notebook at home and present virtually anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. If the sun is shining, why not even innovate with an outdoors presentation.

Why you should jump on the train of innovation

Innovation always surprises, it always catches the eye. You can either approach your audience with yet another PowerPoint presentation, or you can surprise them with something new and stunning. In this way you will have an additional mean to capture your audience`s attention and ensure that the information you present is properly disseminated. Moreover, it is not only the surprise factor that plays an important role: innovations tend to be implemented because they are more effective and practical. One way or another you will get better results and avoid various problems by employing more modern techniques, as can be expected when substituting projectors with smartphones.

The next time you are going to give a presentation, stop worrying of wheter the format you have prepared will work on the device available at the event. Just charge your smartphone and stun your audience with an amazing and innovative slideshow from the palm of your hand.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@reddangelo16

Author: beamium