Innovative Product Launch with Beamium

Transform your product launch event into an exciting experience for the audience and yourself

You want to introduce your newest innovation, product or service to the world? You are getting ready to launch your novelty? A product launch event is always one of the most exciting moments in the process of introducing your new product. However, there are many organizational steps to consider. Planning, conducting and following-up such an event can be very exhausting and time intensive. Although it is all about the actual product presentation, lots of time and efforts need to be invested before and after the event. Journalists, stakeholders and clients need to be invited and accommodated, printed information folders and product information have to be prepared for all attendees and after the event the product launch presentation needs to be distributed.

We have an exciting tool for you, which can save you a lot of time, effort and stress.

No more paper handouts or follow up mails

With Beamium you can easily project your product launch presentation on the devices of your audience. Each of the attendees will be able to follow your presentation live on their own screens and dive into a new presentation experience. With the live-sharing function you can transform your product launch into an innovative viewing experience for your audience. You can distribute all relevant product information to an unlimited audience with only few clicks and bring everyone on the same page. Oh and do you remember all the hours you spend typing in email addresses from business cards and sending follow-up mails? Relax, with Beamium your product launch presentation can be taken home by your audience as a digital PDF handout. There is no need for printing, binding and manually distributing paper handouts anymore.

Reach your audience everywhere in the world

Even though organizing a product launch event is a valuable aspect of introducing your novelty to the market, it can be challenging to increase your reach and spread the word further. Often journalists, potential clients or interested parties are not able to attend your event due to time restrictions, agenda overlaps or large distances to the product launch event location. Beamium empowers you to share your slides with anyone in the room or far away. Allow an unlimited number of people to follow and experience your product launch live. Viewers can comfortably join the live presentation on their devices and download the PDF handout after the presentation.

What are you waiting for – go ahead and try it out yourself. No registration or downloads are required.

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