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Optimize internal and external business presentations

In businesses – regardless of a company's size – communication and the infrastructure available for information exchange play crucial roles. It is often difficult to communicate all necessary information to all coworkers at the same time, either because important information simply gets lost in a flood of email, because not all coworkers work in the same place, or simply because notes and records get lost. For managers, it is important to find a solution that allows information to be shared within a company that is as easy and efficient as possible, one that transmits information to everyone in a way that will not get lost in the shuffle.

At the same time, public perception is an important factor for a business – for example, when it has to present at trade fairs, conferences, or in front of potential new customers.

In both cases Beamium presents an elegant solution: with the innovative online presentation tool, you can expand the reach and sustainability of both internal and external presentations. After a simple upload of your PDF presentation on, you receive a unique presentation ID. The presentation-ID that enables a presentation to be shared can then be communicated to everyone who should receive a presentation, allowing them to follow it over every web browser by inputting this ID on This is synchronized with the presentation – with the additional advantage that all of the slides can be pulled up for review, and remain on the audience members' devices so that they can easily have a look again later.

Beamium for internal company presentations

Beamium is a huge help for the exchange of information within a company. Especially when a company has several branches and coworkers are working in several different places, the online tool is a real help to keep the entire team on the same page. Whether it's a staff meeting or a phone or video conference, presentations no longer need to be distributed beforehand, nor do you need to go through a complicated coordination process to ensure they're opened at the same time. The creator of a presentation can begin their discussion, and all colleagues will be able to follow along simultaneously on their own devices – regardless of location.

Especially when dealing with video and phone conferences, so many misunderstandings and complications can get in the way, and coworkers' attention can already be taken up with other upcoming projects. Since presentations are shared with Beamium, allowing even single slides to be exported and annotated, it's easier to work later with the contents of a presentation.

Beamium for external company presentations

Beamium is not just well-suited for use within a business – it is also an ideal tool for external representation. When coworkers present at a trade fair, for example, they are always representing the entire company – regardless of whether they are there to speak about the company itself or another topic. To make sure that these presentations are memorable for the audience, the use of Beamium is recommended. With innovative business presentation tool, members of the audience can not only follow a presentation on their own devices (which is especially helpful at large conferences or in crowded auditoriums) – they can also take the presentation “to go”. As the presentation remains on users' devices, the chances are substantially greater that listeners will take another look at the slides later.

It works similarly when it comes to making a pitch. When a business wants to present itself and its ideas to potential customers, these customers can use the app to follow a PowerPoint presentation on their own tablets, and leaf through the slides as necessary when questions on specific points come up. In the same way, potential investors who would like to ask questions but for whatever reason cannot meet in person can connect over telephone or video and follow a presentation on their own devices from a distance. The use of Beamium shows more than innovation – it demonstrates a commitment to forward-thinking working methods. After all, it's entirely possible that customers and potential investors will want to take another look at a presentation before giving a business their blessing.

Since presentations like these often include internal information that might be sensitive to the company, Beamium provides the option of only presenting the slides online without the ability to download the document for the viewers. In this case, the slide-deck will still be shown during the presentation online, but will not be available for external users to download.

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