Impress your Clients on the Phone Innovatively

How to convince a new customer during the first phone call

You have thirty seconds to impress your client, on the phone. After a five second introduction, there is less than half a minute left to convince your potential client to extend the phone call. What can you do that nobody else is doing to sell your product? Make it visual!

Introduce yourself and get to the point

It is important to introduce yourself before you start to sell the product. Make sure to mention your name, your company’s name and why you decided to call specifically this client. Be very polite and ask if the client has just a little moment time to make his life better forever. Who would say no? After introducing your company and its reliability, you should get to the point. What is so special about your product? Why does your company exceed all competitors? How will you customer’s life be easier and more efficient after buying your product? Don’t overwhelm your client with too much details in the first call. Keep it simple and focus on the main advantages. Before the call, you should make clear to do some research about the client’s background and how your product can be used by him.

Add visual elements to your phone call

The main advantages of phone calls are efficiency, easiness to use and qualitative audio lines. The main disadvantage is the limitation to voice transfer only. Beamium makes it now possible to add visual elements to your phone call. How? Simply upload e.g. a presentation on prior to the call and get a unique presentation link. Share this URL-link during the phone call with the potential client or ask him simply to enter your presentation ID on and present in real-time on his own smartphone, notebook or tablet during the call. The only thing you and your client need is a simple web browser. With Beamium, you can enrich your phone call with presentations and help the customer to understand the advantages of your tool easier. Moreover, Beamium enables your clients to ask questions and to give you feedback directly through the tool. Finally, a detailed reporting helps you to gather email addresses and to understand which slides your customers like most!

Surprise your clients at your next phone call with Beamium and stand out of the crowd. With this innovative way of adding value to your phone calls, no client will ever forget you. Make your next phone call awesome and analyze how much more successful you will be!

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Author: beamium