How to Turn Leads into Customers

More leads through better communication between marketing and sales

If you want to get more customers, you need to get new leads which can be closed by your sales team afterwards. Often, there is a lot of miscommunication included when it comes to lead management. While marketing teams point out how many leads they generated, sales representatives complain about the quality and desire more. To successfully turn leads into paying customers, your marketing and sales channels must be complementary in every aspect.

Generating leads in 2017

Today, there are thousands of ways to generate new leads. Online, offline, at events, with search engine marketing, via social media… So, if your company wants to get more leads, it should not be that difficult, or? Actually, it is much more complex than ever before. All these channels require expertise, budget, time and focus. The variety of possibilities to generate new leads resulted in unclear marketing strategies – where often too many channels are chosen. Why is our company not on Facebook, everybody is there? True, everybody is on Facebook but how many businesses do you know which successfully use Facebook for inbound marketing? There are quite some, but it takes time and expertise to use digital channels as marketing tools. What is more, the quality of leads can nowadays easier be tracked – theoretically. In practice, it is very difficult to determine if a new lead is interested or not. This often results in poor quality if marketing teams are incentivized to create more leads. In most cases, there is no problem with the lead quantity. The real problem is the lead quality and the conversion rate. Hence, before asking about more leads, it should be figured out if the existing leads have the right quality. Of course, this can only be done if marketing and sales teams work together closely.

Improving the lead quality

To conclude, before you start to generate more leads which your sales team cannot convert into customers, have a closer look on how you can improve the lead quality. Lead quality includes three characteristics. First, the background of the lead. Is it a low-level employee or a decision maker? Does he work for a software company or a supermarket? Make sure to focus on the right background of your leads. Most online marketing channels are nowadays able to customize your ads to a relevant target group. Offline marketing activities can also be narrowed down to a special target group with some training. Second, it is important to get enough information about the lead (and to document it). How much information did he already got? Is he interested in a single license or a company license? What interests him most about your product? A good documentation helps the sales representative to understand the client’s needs and boosts the chances to successfully close the deal. Lastly, the lead quality also depends on the level of interest. If you ask anybody who visits your website to share his email address, you will have many leads but not much more. Leads can easily be qualified, e.g. with white paper marketing or by asking them some questions before defining them as a lead. If you managed to successfully raise leads, it’s now time to hand them over to your sales team.

Communication between sales and marketing is essential

All the information which you gathered during your marketing process should be shared with the sales representative which continues with the lead. Too often, the sales team has to start again and requalifies the lead quality. The process basically starts from the beginning, costs money and annoys your customers if you are not able to successfully communicate during the sales cycle. Good CRM tools are great, if everybody uses them accordingly. Moreover, further analytics can be shared with effective presentation tools like Beamium. Beamium will not only help you to get more information from your leads, it can further be used as sales presentation tool to close the deal.

From great leads to more customers

If you are able to improve the lead quality, it is likely that you already see positive effects in your revenue streams. Your sales managers get more information, better leads and naturally, they will be able to close them more likely. In case that there are still problems to convert the leads, you now have the chance to look closer on why your company fails to convert them. Sometimes it is necessary to have second look on the lead quality and to further improve them. Otherwise, some sales trainings can be helpful. Even the most experienced sale manager has the chance to improve his performance with new sales techniques which have not been available some years ago. Make sure to have a closer look on your lead processes to find out, how you can optimize them. The cultural atmosphere as well as the communication between sales and marketing are crucial for successfully turning leads into customers. Follow these tips and skyrocket your revenue!

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