How to Present your Keynote Presentation on Windows

Overcome the challenge of presenting keynote presentations on windows devices

Keynote is a great software for creating fancy slideshows, but it's difficult to present it to Windows users. Design is key in any field of the creative industry. Especially for PR and advertisement agencies, the visual representation of ideas and project proposals accounts for a huge part of the job. Hence, using Keynote to make world-class presentations with an amazing design is a must-have for many professionals. But your clients purchase something that will (hopefully) be seen by the whole world, so if you send them a presentation, it should better look smokin’ good on their Windows device as well. Independently of the software which you use for creating the slideshow, it is important to share it in a way so that everybody can easily open it without any hurdles. In this article you will find a great description of sharing Keynote presentations across platform.

Working with alternative programs

Independently of their OSX or Windows operating system, various creative agencies have given up working with MS Office programs and switched to more sophisticated design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Those offer limitless ways to transform your imagination into design, but are very advanced and time-consuming to work with. A faster, more intuitive solution is Keynote. The apple program has beautiful templates to play with and make a great impression. There are many good reasons for using alternative programs to create slides. The fact that distribution is a hurdle should not negatively impact the making of your presentation.

Great design, difficult distribution?

The number one problem about advanced design programs is sharing the final product presentation or campaign proposal with your clients in a way that guarantees every client can open it. As you don't know if they are using mac or windows, file formats matter! Often, windows users can't open keynote files, and automatic conversions can mess up the beautiful design you’ve worked on for hours: your keynote or adobe document is displayed with the wrong colours, missing fonts or with other mistakes. Plus: the better your product presentation / advertisement campaign design, the bigger the file you need to distribute – which can lead to struggles with attachment limitations and client mailboxes. I guess you already had this problem at least once in the past and now want to avoid it in future.

Convert and send your document flawlessly

Here’s the good news: there is one way to avoid all of those problems we just mentioned, and it just takes those three steps:

  1. Work with your favourite program, and when done save your product presentation as a PDF.
  2. Visit and upload the PDF via drag & drop to make your presentation accessible online.
  3. Distribute the access-ID of your presentation with your clients.

How Beamium improves sharing Keynote presentations

Working with Beamium helps you to have full control over the presentations you send to your clients. After uploading documents easily with one click to the platform, the access link can be shared via email, verbally or even embeded in your website. Being completely web-based, it guarantees that your presentation is always displayed perfectly – no matter if your clients use Windows or Mac, if they are watching from their smartphone, tablet, computer or on a huge projector. By sharing your presentation with Beamium, you ensure the most effective way of distributing slides. You can control and review everything from your own device.

And there are some extra features, too:

  • Present live directly to the devices of your audience – amazing effect for any personal or teleconference product presentation or advertising campaign proposal. Simply choose if your audience should be able to navigate through your presentation or if you want that the always see the same slide as you during live presentations. Interactive features make it possible for them to comment or to give you feedback.
  • Forget about file size limitations! After exporting your slides to a PDF file and sharing them with Beamium, you do not need to limit your creativity. Even a basic internet connection will be sufficient for your viewers to access the document.
  • Enjoy high quality images even at weak connection. Of course, the quality of your slides stays high. No matter which operating system the users have, the best quality is ensured.
  • Use powerful analytics to learn more about your viewers. Which slides does the audience like most? Where did they leave my presentation? Beamium will help you to make your presentations better with smart analytics.
  • Enable optional downloads of your presentation and decide, how long it stays online. Of course, the document will be downloaded as a PDF so that Mac as well as Windows users are able to view the slides.

If you want to deliver your Keynote slides powerfully to Windows users, try Beamium!

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Author: beamium