How to Prepare Sales Calls

Preparing sales calls successfully

Sales calls are your chance to convince prospective customers from your product. A great chance to deliver your perfect pitch. But the perfect sales call already starts prior to the phone call. Before dialing the number, you should prepare yourself accordingly. Follow these tips and be prepared to rock your sales calls!

Why do you call this person?

There are hundreds of numbers which you could call, but for some reason you chose this specific one. Make sure that there is a reason for choosing this number! A great sales call starts with selecting the right people. If your product does not fit to the person which you call, it does not make sense to waste time. Spending time on selecting the right numbers makes sense and prevents you from annoying people. As already said, there are hundreds of numbers you could dial next – make sure that the person you are calling is the best number you have.

Find out what the person is doing

If you are going to sell a marketing tool to the head of HR, he will probably be very surprised. Many sales calls simply catch the wrong person in the company. It is worth the time to get more information about the person which will probably answer the phone call beforehand. Social media profiles, company websites and news blogs make it nowadays pretty easy to get sufficient information. In best case, you know more than just the profession of the person. If you are able to find out on which projects your contact person currently works, it will be much easier to pitch your product.

How can your product support the company?

Talking to the right person and knowing what she cares about is the first step. But you should also be aware of the company strategy. How can your product help the business to achieve the company goals? You must be able to demonstrate that you really care about the person and the company. More often than not, the person you are calling will be somehow incentivized to reach the company’s goals. If you can show how your product is helpful for that, you will be able to continue negotiations on a totally different dimension.

What’s the goal of your call?

You made it! Your contact person shared her email address with you and agreed to get newsletters from your company. But wait a minute – was this really worth your time? Make sure to set a goal prior to the phone call. What do you want to reach in best case? Be realistic. The person which you call maybe only has some minutes time, so you should try to convince her of arranging a date for a second call where you can pitch your product in more detail. If you are in a later stage of the sales pipeline, it is maybe time to get a clear decision from your customer – even if it is a negative one.

Expect the unexpected

The more experienced you are as a sales representative, the better you will deal with unexpected situations. Another person who answers the phone, a negative response, a surprising feedback – thousand things could alienate you. Make sure to prepare for unexpected responses and always think about your objective.

Enough preparation. Now you are ready to rock your sales call!

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Author: beamium