How to Market your Business in Presentations

Effective presentations for promoting businesses

Presentations are a great chance to present your business in front of a highly valuable target audience. Industry events, webinars and company events should therefore be used to show the uniqueness of your business to the audience. While your main objective is to generate leads with the presentation, the audience has the interest of listening to presentations which match the event’s overall topic and bring them new knowledge. As a presenter, it is your job to satisfy both needs and combine marketing your business with interesting facts.

Your audience is here to benefit from the presentation

First, you should understand why your audience attends your speech. More often than not, your visitors will be more interested in the topic of your presentation than in your company. You should respect the situation and help the attendees to learn something new that helps them to improve their own lives. What’s in for them? How can you help them to bring new know-how in their day-to-day jobs? Your primary job as a presenter is to talk about a certain topic. Make sure that you become an expert in this topic beforehand so that you really know what you are talking about. Get into interesting details and form your presentation around a central theme.

Highlight your profession as an expertise

Don’t try to silently promote your business. Your audience will perfectly know at which point you try to sell your business. You should honestly mention in the very beginning what you are doing and for which company you work. Make clear to mention that you are not a marketer of the company today but an industry expert who is happy to share his knowledge. All the experience which you made in your job make you an expert and help you to understand which needs the attendees have.

Include your business in best practice examples

But how can you market your business if you should talk about a topic and not about your products? Well, be creative. It’s no problem to highlight use cases of your business and to show how specific situations are solved at your company. Bring some practical examples which help your audience to better understand your presentation. If you are able to understand the audience’s problems and if you know how your company solves them, you can easily demonstrate some best practice examples to highlight this.

Some promotion is expected

The viewers of your presentation probably know your background and the fact that you are here to market e.g. a new product. Hence, they will understand if you mention your business. It’s totally ok to market it with your presentation, but only if the overall slideshow stays relevant for the audience. Don’t create a pure marketing presentation of your business. You should rather try to showcase your expertise in the area and mention interesting examples of how your company brings value to the attendees’ problems.

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