How to Keep in Contact with the Participants of your Presentation

Stay in touch with your audience

Your presentation is over, the audience is fascinated and everybody walks out of the conference with a good feeling. Great, you did an awesome job! A couple of hours later, you listen to a conversation between two audience members about your talk: “Wasn’t that great talk this morning?” “Yeah, I especially liked the second slide of the presentation which showed the industry changes in the last year. Unfortunately, I did not make a picture and don’t know where to download the slide. Do you remember the name of the speaker?” “No, it was something Italian I think. But maybe there will be a platform on the website where we can download the slides” “Well, you know, I never looked on the website again after attending an event. What a pity, I would have liked to invite the speaker to talk at the next event of our company.” You introduce yourself and thanks good, you got an invitation to the next business event. What a great deal! But wait a minute, what about all the other attendees?

There is a lot of potential in your presentation audience

Presentations take place on events, online at webinars and nearly every day during phone calls and teleconferences. The listeners of your presentation represent a highly valuable clientele which could boost your businesses’ success. However, most of the audience members are gone at the end of your presentation and never get in touch with you again. There are many reasons why this happens. It starts with introverted participants or with problems to remember the name of the speaker and ends with a lot of unused potential for you. Instead of wasting all this potential, you should find out how you can get in touch with your attendees afterwards.

Beamium helps you to engage your audience

Beamium, a web-based presentation platform for sharing slides in real-time, makes it simple to present documents directly on the devices of your listeners. Your viewers will be able to get a digital handout of the document afterwards and can write you feedback as well as questions at any time. Hence, Beamium helps you to keep the atmosphere of the presentation alive after the end of your talk. By establishing a relationship with your audience already during the presentation, Beamium ties the listeners to your slideshow and makes it easy to stay in touch. Your viewers are able to engage during (but also after the presentation) with you by simply sharing comments, questions and feedback with you.

Consistent relationships and more leads

With Beamium, you are able to push the relationship to your audience on a totally new level. Instead of losing contact at the end of your talk, Beamium helps your listeners to remember you as well as the information which you shared. Finally, the great analytics of Beamium help you to capture more contact details from your listeners. Beamium is not only a better way of presenting documents, it is also a better way of sharing documents. Instead of losing valuable data about your listeners by sharing the document via email or via any kind of platform, Beamium helps you to make the best out of your presentation!

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Author: beamium